Afaf Syifa profile & Biodata:

Real Name:Afaf Syifa
Age:19 years
Profession:Professional Cook
Nationality:Jakarta, Indonesia

She was the 1st Winner of the 2014 junior MasterChef Indonesia who showed up with mr Adi, third Place in MCI8.

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Afaf was one of the participants that stole the audience’s attention due to the fact that she to be the sourse 1 winner in the event.

This Arab blooded girl has grown right into a tires woman and also often mirrors her tasks through she Instagram account.

Many room curious around Profile and Biodata Afaf Syifa Champion MasterChef Junior tahun 2014.

Afaf rarely appears on television, however she doesn’t necessarily leave the dunia of cooking.

She is still actively involved in the dunia of cooking, this is well-known when she ended up being the host of the cooking programme Asik network TV.

In the televisi program, Afaf Syifa ended up being a cook who invited program guests to help in cooking.


Few things To Know about Afaf Syifa Currently

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A short article shared by Afaf syifa (

She joined the small MasterChef Indonesia at the period of 11 in 2014. In 2021 Afaf Hasan has actually turned right into a 19-year-old girl.

Currently, Afaf is a host on the cook Asik net TV program, She is the chef who invites guest of the programme to cook together.

Even though she is just 19 year old, Afaf currently has a cooking business.

The public was reminded again of Afaf once Lord Adi uploaded a short video clip on his an individual Instagram on Thursday, October 14, 2021.

Lord Adi uploaded a video clip with Afaf Syifa, where they it seems ~ to it is in doing collabs to cook dessert.

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