As Far As I'm Concerned

Can we use "As far as I"m concerned" in place of "As far as I know"? Or, are there some specific scenarios where in we bởi not have to lớn use one in place of the other phrase?

Commonly, "As far as I'm concerned" is used in contexts where you're expression an opinion/desire about something where you either don't care much, or you don't anticipate changing your mind. Effectively, it's usually a somewhat negative response. On the other hand, "As far as I know" is far more likely to lớn be used in contexts where you're trying khổng lồ be helpful, but you're (often, somewhat apologetically) pointing out that what you think may not be totally accurate.
– FumbleFingers
Jan 12 "12 at 18:31
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I don"t think it should be used as a replacement.

Bạn đang xem: As far as i'm concerned

"As far as I know" would indicate that you have partial (i.e. Not complete) knowledge of the matter being discussed.

"As far as I"m concerned" would indicate you"re expressing your opinion about the matter being discussed.

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answered Jan 12 "12 at 4:33
Rob HruskaRob Hruska
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They don"t mean the same thing. "As far as I"m concerned" is roughly equivalent to lớn "in my opinion" or "as it relates khổng lồ me". "As far as I know" means what it says, something lượt thích "according to lớn my knowledge".

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answered Jan 12 "12 at 4:33
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Can I say "To the extent of my knowledge" as a synonymous to lớn "As far as I know"?
– Murillo Henrique
Sep 6 "18 at 18:09
MurilloHenrique, yes. It's just sort of a mouthful.
– ThePopMachine
Sep 6 "18 at 21:51
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Both of them can"t be as a replacements.

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"As far as I"m concerned" : is when you feel to lớn express the limit to lớn which you really bother about a situation. Beyond that valid parameter actually you don"t care to lớn pay heed even if you know something.

Eg: As far as I"m concerned, my job for this module is done and anything extra would be done only after a long thought process.

"As far as I know" : is when you feel khổng lồ express the extent till which you are aware or knowledgeable about the entity.

Eg: As far as I know, winters in North India are terribly cold and would range between 0 degrees to 2 degrees centigrade.

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