The oriental Games2018 is officially closed at night time on September 2nd. 2018. Asia’s biggest sports party provides numerous memories and joys consisting of for the people of Indonesia. Together the host, Indonesia flourished in proving itself capable that holding big events. ~ above the various other hand, the accomplishments of Indonesian athletes can not be underestimated, at the very least for this time, since they regulated to lug Indonesia into the top 4 eastern countries.

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This kesuksesan cannot it is in separated from the kesuksesan of medal contribute from new sports at the asian Games 2018. Together we know, there room 10 brand-new sports at the eastern Games this time. That the 10 branches, 3 branches failed to current medals, those are 3 × 3 Basketball, Sambo, and Ju Jitsu. Meanwhile, 7 other branches regulated to add medals. The 7 branches are:

Pencak SilatOf course, the archipelago’s original martial art branch came to be a topic for being the greatest gold medal contributor to Indonesia.

The very first Pencak silat athlete to win gold because that Indonesia in ~ the eastern Games is Puspa Arumsari. The Athletes who participates in Women’s Singles number. The yellow offerings kemudian became the keemasan opening for various other fighters. A kasar of 14 gold medals and also 1 copper medal menjadi finally brought home by Indonesian fighters.

JetskiTwo brother Aero and also Aqsa Sutan Aswar have akan a mainstay in this sport. The first medal won by dividing perak and bronze in the Runabout limited number. Unexpectedly, Aqsa finally dimenangkannya gold in the Endurance Runabout open number. A berbisa of 1 gold medal, 1 perak medal and also 1 bronze saya menang in the branch wherein the complement was held at Marina Ancol Beach, phia băc Jakarta.Wall ClimbingIndonesian sons and also daughters successfully mastered JSC sports Climbing Arena, Palembang, a wall climbing sporting place was held. Mageri Men’s Speed, the copper medal saya menang by Aspar came to be the opening suggest for Indonesia’s medal opening in this sport. In total, Indonesia menang 3 medals, 2 silver medals, and also 1 copper in this sport.ParalayangThe sporting activities branch telah terorganisir at Gunung Mas Bogor received a bruto of 6 medals, consisting of 2 gold, 1 perak and 3 copper medals. Two gold medals won from the individual Male’s Accuracy number and the accuracy of the Male’s Team. Kapan silver won by Female’s Team Accuracy, and bronze dimenangkannya by Male’s Team overcome Country, Female’s separation, personal, instance Accuracy, and also Female’s Team’s bangsa Cross.BridgeA kasar of 4 bronze medals saya menang by athletes from sporting activities that usage cards, Bridge. This medals dulu achieved in the numberi of masculine Pairs, combined Pairs, combined Teams and also Super mixed Teams.Roller SportSkateboarding is the only roller sport that contributes medals come Indonesia. Two perak medals and two bronze medals dulu successfully saya menang in the JSC Skateboard stadium arena.

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Sanggoe Darma Tanjung and also Jason Lijnzaat dimenangkannya bronze medals in ~ male jalan and Park masculine numbers. While bronze saya menang by Pevi Putra and Bunga Nyimas in masculine Park and street female number.

KurashBronze came to be the only medal meraih by Indonesia indigenous the Kurash branch. This sports medal indigenous 63 Kg female dimenangkannya by Najmu Shifa