Terjemahan/Arti surah An Naba’ batin Bahasa Inggris. Surah apa ke-78 di dalam Al Qur’an dan terdiri dari 40 ayat.

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النبإ one Naba’ – The Announcement

78:1 Whereof do they pertanyaan one another?

78:2 (It is) that the dreadful tidings,

78:3 worrying which they space in disagreement.

78:4 Nay, however they will pertained to know!

78:5 Nay, again, however they will pertained to know!

78:6 have We not made the planet an expanse,

78:7 and also the high hills bulwarks?

78:8 and also We have created you in pairs,

78:9 and have appointed your sleep because that repose,

78:10 and also have appointed the night together a cloak,

78:11 and also have appointed the day because that livelihood.

78:12 and We have built above you seven solid (heavens),

78:13 and have appointed a dazzling lamp,

78:14 and have sent dibawah from the rainy clouds numerous water,

78:15 thereby to develop grain and also plant,

78:16 and gardens of special foliage.

78:17 Lo! the day of Decision is a addressed time,

78:18 A day as soon as the trumpet is blown and ye come in multitudes,

78:19 and the sky is opened and also becometh as gates,

78:20 and also the hills are set in motion and become as a mirage.

78:21 Lo! hell lurketh in ambush,

78:22 A house for the rebellious.

78:23 They will abide therein because that ages.

78:24 Therein taste they no coolness nor (any) drink

78:25 conserve boiling water and a paralysing cold:

78:26 reward proportioned (to milik mereka evil deeds).

78:27 for lo! they looked no for a reckoning;

78:28 They called Our revelations false with solid denial.

78:29 everything have We tape-recorded in a Book.

78:30 for this reason taste (of the which ye have earned). No rise do We give you conserve of torment.

78:31 Lo! because that the duteous is achievement –

78:32 Gardens enclosed and vineyards,

78:33 and voluptuous women of same age;

78:34 and a full cup.

78:35 there hear they tidak pernah vain discourse, no one lying –

78:36 Requital from thy mr – a gift in payment –

78:37 lord of the heavens and the earth, and (all) that is between them, the Beneficent; with Whom none can converse.

78:38 ~ above the day once the angels and also the spirit stand arrayed, castle speak not, saving him who the Beneficent alloweth and also who speaketh right.

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78:39 the is the True Day. For this reason whoso will should seek recourse depend his Lord.

78:40 Lo! us warn you of a death at hand, a day whereon a male will look at on that which his own milik have sent out before, and the disbeliever will certainly cry: “Would that I menjadi dust!”