With this page we display you an ext than 2 great cara to bawa pulang a screenshot (print the screen to a file) of your screen with your Lenovo laptop. Lenovo is a brand that computerthat runs melihat "Windows". So in fact it is the Windows software that you use to take the screenshot. Therefore this juga means that you will know exactly how to take a screenshot on any kind of windows machine!

Note: friend will discover this works on the bulk of home windows based laptop computers so read on come TAKE A SCREENSHOT with WINDOWS.

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The snipping alat is a alat that permits you come draw approximately an area that the screen. The area kemudian is conserved as picture to send or usage as girlfriend wish.

Step 1 click on The awal ButtonStep 2 form "snipping tool" in the temukan boxStep 3 Select new or mode from the snipping alat interfaceStep 4 pick the type of picture you would like: free Form, rectangle-shaped Snip, window Snip, sepenuhnya Screen Snip

usage the Snipping Tool. This is the preferred method.The snipping alat isavailable from windows 7 and upwards you have the right to assume you have actually it.

It can be funny to bermain and experiment through the 4 membentuk but mostly you might like the rectangular snip as this goes approximately "windows" naturally and is neater and faster.

Before the snipping alat was availablewindows individuals would generally use the print display screen key and kemudian paste (Ctrl+v) right into the paint program. This was really clunky and made me cringe at exactly how clunky this was provided it is sebagai an essential function. It"s major downside personally from how clunky the is is the you gain the whole screen.

use the publish Screen vital to record the whole display screen (even with dobel monitors) and also the paste (ctrl + v) this right into a programme like paint. Girlfriend can kemudian edit the screenshot or save and attach in an email.

There room some really great apps that have actually plugged the gaps and work even nicer than the snip tool. Part have totally free options choose SKITCH and Markup Hero and also work very well. They sell the capacity to organize the screenshot ~ above a webpage and then a link enables the user to view that. Privacy is an ext of a concern but because that some situations the screen is uninteresting and also these tools like skitch allow things favor blurring the end detail and annotations. I usage it a lot. Lagi option is Lightshotbut it doesn"t seem an extremely easy come delete something the you take and gets uploaded. It can be done by e-mail in!

A newcomer to the screenshot and also annotation an are is Markup Hero which offers a net based approach with the capacity to membuat a shareable link and mengedit past annotations.


If you require to record an open menu you must master penampilan Control (Ctrl) and PrtScn i beg your pardon will capture the whole screen and kemudian you deserve to use this v the snip tool.

More in-depth information on the snipping alat can be found here


tambahan worth mentioning that to be mindful with sending your display to rakyat or sharing kemudian captures. You could be menampilkan them some details that is private sebagai as spreadsheetswith private data. So think about this and also therefore use some method to paint out the private data. Also if you trust the person you are membagikan to they could have an excellent intentions but hanya not be very good with virtual security.


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if you room unable to bawa pulang the screenshot then Printscreen juga works. You can uncover a key on the optimal left of the key-board on her Lenovo laptop. Ambil the Printscreen and paste the on Paints or ms Word.

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if you space unable to untuk mengambil the screenshot kemudian Printscreen also works. You can uncover a crucial on the top left that the key-board on her Lenovo laptop. Bawa pulang the Printscreen and also paste the on Paints or multiple sclerosis Word.
if you space unable to untuk mengambil the screenshot then Printscreen juga works. You can find a vital on the height left of the keyboard on your Lenovo laptop. Take the Printscreen and paste it on Paints or ms Word.
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