hamon-design.com PraBayar

Combo SAKTI Package

Enjoy the internet, calls, and SMS solutions in one Combo SAKTI package with a larger quota based on your needs.

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Special because that you

A combo package more suitable for her needs.


Bigger quota

better choices the internet, voice, and SMS quota.



every the solutions you require in one package.



hamon-design.com PRABAYAR

Combo SAKTI only for you!

Revel in the excited of internet, talk, and SMS in one package especially for you.

Find spesial packages through the finest offers ~ above Myhamon-design.com app or panggilan *363#.


Enjoy countless calls to other hamon-design.com numbers and 900-minute suara quota come other operator numbers. Starting from Rp20,000 only on the weekends!

The parcel you obtain is a promo campaign package that is ditawarkan to customers who have an active period of at least 3 months and are positif hamon-design.com subscribers. This parcel is not widely marketed via the web, printed media, or promo banner since every hamon-design.com customer have the right to get different offers.

The package you receive is a personalization package offline to subscribers that have been selected by hamon-design.com based on the size of the subscription as watched on the berbisa usage and also internet because that 3 consecutive months.

If you are eligible to obtain this promo package, friend can uncover the parcel on the very first layer the *363# menu.

This package is a personalization package, just customers who have actually been established by hamon-design.com will gain this promo. Customers who perform not obtain a direct SMS information regarding the promo package offer, or do not show up on the menu, cannot purchase or obtain the offer.

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All hamon-design.com data packages, through the exact same quota and also price, have the right to be purchased because that a preferably of 5 times in 1 month.