Some so-called facebook GIF downloaders will only end up providing you bundled software application or directing girlfriend to irregularity pages. Don"t be cheat by this misleading ads anymore! This article will display you how to save GIF from facebook successfully. Because that preparation, you can download a well-acclaimed facebook GIF downloader:

Animated GIF is becoming much more and much more popular on masyarakat platforms, seperti as Facebook. Once we find an elaborate GIFs, we generally want to save them come our devices. For this reason later, we have the right to turn these GIFs into stickers or memes and send them come our friends, which is surely an amazing idea! however some people do no know how to download GIFs indigenous Facebook. Given that Facebook is easily accessible on berbeda devices connected to the Internet, kemudian as computer, iPhone, laptop, and also so forth, ns am going to present the download methods equivalent to different devices.

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Multi-functional GIF Downloader

When it pertains to downloading GIFs and also videos from Facebook, WonderFox HD video Converter factory Pro is not to it is in missed. Besides downloading GIFs indigenous Facebook, this downloader juga enables you to download videos and audio from perbedaan video-sharing sites, kemudian as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and also so forth. Don"t hesitation anymore, download it and have a try.


To download facebook GIFs, you should first know that the GIF uploaded top top Facebook deserve to be categorized right into 3 types, i.e. GIFs mutual from various other sites, GIFs actually in a video container, and the GIFs uploaded natively. Currently that you room clear around this, let united state learn just how to download the 3 jenis of GIFs on desktop.

Linked GIFs
Download connected GIFs

This is the most basic situation, whereby you deserve to download this GIFs within 4 clicks.

Step 1. Click the link to the original GIF location, which will certainly lead you come a new download page. You can discover the link at the bottom the the GIF that you want to download.

Step 2. In the brand-new page, right-click the GIFs > save photo as…Now, the GIF is downloaded.

Unlike GIFs retrieved from other sources, the GIF rakyat directly upload come Facebook and the ones in video containers cannot be downloaded straight from Facebook. To download them, you require to very first install a expert Facebook URL downloader – WonderFox HD video clip Converter factory Pro. Together a powerful and multi-functional facebook GIF downloader, not only have the right to this application help you download GIFs and videos native Facebook, YouTube… but juga make GIFs indigenous videos or do GIFs from photos, kemudian as PNG come GIF, JPEG come GIF and the likes. Now, let us bagian belakang to the title to learn how to download GIF from Facebook.


Before beginning downloading, please make sure you have actually downloaded this application, that is the key. If not, click to complimentary downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Copy the video clip or GIF URLs

Right-click the GIF you want to download > click the Copy video URL at existing time button. Now, you acquire the URL that the wanted GIF.

Step 2. Include a brand-new GIF Download Task

Launch the on facebook GIF Downloader, click Downloader first. ~ above the left-top edge of the main download window, click brand-new Download to build a download task to download GIFs indigenous Facebook. In the new pop-up dialog, click Paste and also Analyze to pack the download resources. ~ that, choose a download choice from the resource list. Lastly, click the OK switch on the bottom that the percakapan to bagian belakang to the key window.

Step 3. Awal to Download GIFs

Press the inverted triangle button to mendefinisikan the download course of the GIFs. Next, click Download all to start. Alternatively, replay action 2 come add lagi download task before starting the download, which permits you come download batch GIFs simultaneously.

The condition is the exact same as downloading Facebook GIFs ~ above desktop, over there are also two methods corresponding to the different tipe of GIFs. Now examine them out.

Step 1. Click the connect on the bottom of GIF to browser the GIF on facebook Mobile Browser. On the right-top corner, click the three-dot button to open up the GIF on your mobile cari that supports downloading and install files, sebagai as Google Chrome or the system menggabungkan browser.

Step 2. In the new page on the cell phone browser, long press the GIF and also click Save snapshot in the pop-up list.

There are countless GIF downloader applications the are available on application Store and Google bermain Store, kemudian as "Video, GIF and also Photo Downloader because that Facebook" and also "MyVideoDownloader for Facebook" for Android, and "GIFwrapped" and "GifPlayer" for iOS. As soon as you download any type of of this applications, open it and also follow the menggabungkan user tip to download the preferred GIFs to your mobile devices.


Only if you space clear around the different types of GIFs posted on Facebook, deserve to it be simple to download GIFs indigenous Facebook melihat the ideal methods. Now, shot the methods above to download GIFs.

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