Our PUBG Replay guide contains a list of all the replay controls, including exactly how to fast depan and uncover the replay folder they are saved in.

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Jumping into PUBG’s replay mechanism without any type of prior knowledge is conveniently one the the most frustrating, confusing points you’ll endure in the game. It’s pretty daunting to ilustrasi out which keys correspond to certain functions, particularly when you’re trying to simultaneously record an incredible minute that shows off just how tremendous you are.

There’s a totality host that controls which aren’t defined in-game and also that’s whereby this overview comes in. We’ve put bersama a complete list of all the keybinds and also controls for the replay system, and on peak of this we’ve also got details on wherein PUBG replays are actually conserved on her PC.

Without lebih jauh ado, here’s exactly how PUBG’s replay mechanism works and also all the controls come go with it...

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Replay System: Controls List

To accessibility replays that all your previous PUBG matches, head over to the “Replays” tab on the key lobby display screen once you boot up the game. It’ll ambil around 3 minutes or an ext for a match to appear, for this reason don’t worry if the doesn’t display up ideal away.

There’s no skimping when it come to isi here, together every replay has a recording of a entirety match and also you can even see everyone elses perspectives too!

Here’s a perform of all PUBG’s replay controls to acquire you up and running:

These replay controls dulu originally tertulis up by redditor “batigoal” and shared by “ButterBiskit”.

Toggle timeline ON/OFFJ
Fast ForwardUp arrowhead Key
RewindDown arrow Key
Switch bagian belakang to your very own characterB
Move cameraW A S D
Change camera heightE Q
Change camera relocate speedSHIFT + CTRL
Open player listTAB
Observer camera (see FPP the selected player)V or LMB
Follower camera (follows players over shoulder)C or RMB
Free cameraF or SPACE
Open battle listL
Show every player namesH
X-ray modeX
Hide/Show HUDCTRL + U
Save camera ar to mageri slotCTRL + Num 1-9
Access conserved camera in numberi slot1-9
Change FOV (only works after disabling HUD)Mouse Wheel Up/Down

Video by Thunder Sn1per

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Replay system: conserve Folder Location

You can access all of her replays in-game via the tab in the main menu. If you’re looking for anda specific place within her system, kemudian it’s a little bit fussier.

Here’s wherein to uncover your PUBG replay folder based on Trroggdorr The Burninator’s really valuable video.

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Bring up your file Explorer.In the quick search bar, kind in %localappdata% and also click enter.Scroll dibawah until you check out “TslGame” and also select it.Click ~ above “Saved”, adhered to by “Demos”.You’ll view all her replays here.Right click on whatever replay you desire (it’s best to mencari by “date modified”) and also paste the onto your desktop.You deserve to rename lock without any type of issues.