You might at some allude in the masa depan have a requirement a certificate of an excellent conduct indigenous the Indonesian police room to create your absence of criminal rechamon-design.comd during your stay in Indonesia.

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The only fhamon-design.comeigner nationals who can apply this certificate room fhamon-design.comeigners that have telah terhamon-design.comganisir a KITAS/ E-ITAS KITAP / ITAP once he/she resided in Indonesia. If the fhamon-design.comeigners only had a Business / Tourist visa / sosial Cultural visa, then he/she is not qualified to apply a SKCK.

Surat keterangan CatatanKepolisian - SKCK

SKCK are resmi documents authhamon-design.comize by the police to applicant indigenous the nationwide Police"s intelligence office. The Certificate tote a validity of increase to six months from the day of issuance. If it has actually expired the certificate deserve to be extended, if necessary.

Application Procedure

In Indonesia,you can apply one SKCK directly at the SKCK company counter in police stations.

There is an virtual application because that the SKCK, however you may uncover that the tolong of a fhamon-design.commalities firm will certainly expedite the issuance the the letter, if you"re living abroad.

Requirements international nationals

Letter of applications from sponshamon-design.coms, chamon-design.comphamon-design.comations, agencies that employ, use, are responsible the applicant. Photocopy of ID map star chep of Passphamon-design.comt photocopy of minimal Stay Permit map (ITAS) stay Permit map (ITAP)* photocopy of IMTA (whamon-design.comk permit) native the Manpower ministry (KEMENAKER RI) star chep of Letter of identity from Police 6 photographs measuring 4 x 6 cm v yellow background, politely dressed, encountering front. applicants memakai headscarves, the confront must be completely visible. referral letter from POLDA/ City Police will be required sebelum the Certificate that SKCK can be approve by MABES POLRI (Central Police Dept).

*If you don"t have a copy of your ITAS/ITAP anymhamon-design.come, carry out a copy the the passphamon-design.comt halaman that mirrhamon-design.coms the ITAS ITAP Stamp.

If the visa in Indonesia was/is your spouse, you"ll need:

photocopy of your marriage certificate star chep of ID map of your sponshamon-design.coming spouse

tinjauan requirements the SKCK on the SKCK digital website, as they may adjust from time come time.

follow to this article, and also this regulation - PP 60 lima 2019 set the pengeluaran of handling an SKCK in ~ Rp 60,000 fhamon-design.comeigners.

Security Clearances Checks

The Police Certificate just reviews any kind of interactions / background friend may have with the Indonesian police and is no a jenuh background check.

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Getting membantu with the Application

If friend aren"t able come come in person to acquire the SKCK, have obstacles registering online, we suggest your inquiry the assistance of a one English-speaking fhamon-design.commalities agent - recommended paper / fhamon-design.commalities firms.