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The process for lihat Word's Find and Replace attribute differs top top MacOS and Windows. Ye Naiquan /EyeEm/Getty images
Find and Replace in indigenous is a alat that searches a record for a particular word or phrase. You can use the alat to replace a word or phrase with another. Girlfriend can review each circumstances of a word before replacing it, or replace all instances in ~ once.
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Find and Replace is a helpful alat in Microsoft Word that searches your document for a specific word or phrase.

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You can use the alat to replace one word through another, which have the right to be useful in situations where you have to go kembali to adjust the mengeja of a native or check a paper for instances of a recurring word to avoid redundancy. Because that example, if you"re deep right into writing a record and realize you"ve been misspelling someone"s surname (let"s say mark when it should have been Marc), you deserve to use Find and Replace come easily uncover all instances that Mark and replace it through Marc through a few clicks.

Below, we"ve outlined how to use Find and also Replace in word on macOS and also Windows.

How to use Find and Replace in Wordon aMac

Open Microsoft native on her Mac.Click or float over the "Edit" tab uncovered in the height toolbar.Click or hover over "Find" indigenous the dropdown menu.

This will open up a next panel. Enter maafkan saya you"d prefer to find in the an initial entry and apa you"d prefer to replace it through in the second.

Click the "Find" button to situate the matches first, the "Replace" button to change each individual enhance (highlight i beg your pardon one you"d favor to readjust by clicking on the perform item), or the "Replace All" button to replace all corresponding words or phrases.

How come use progressed Find and Replace in native on a Mac

Open Microsoft native on your Mac.Click or hover over the "Edit" tab found in the height toolbar.Click or float over "Find" indigenous the dropdown menu.

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Whatever alterations you make, the pop-up will certainly list your formatting changes dibawah "Replace with."

Choose to replace the an initial match, replace all, or find the next.

How come Find and also Replace in word on Windows

Click "Home," on the top-left side then "Replace" ~ above the top-right side. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H.To replace all instances that a indigenous or phrase, click "Replace All."