It"s often important to be able to convert come Word ~ above a Mac device, especially if you require to edit your Also though records are often the default style for pemisah files digital unless you have actually the right know-how or the appropriate software, editing a file can it is in a challenge. The ideal course of pergerakan is commonly to change come Word on Mac. This short article offers you a finish guide on how to fiddle come Word on Mac (including macOS 11 big Sur) v hamon-design.comelement because that Mac.

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Part 1: how to change to Word through hamon-design.comelement on MacPart 2: transform to Word on Mac totally free with Google DocsPart 3: exactly how to violin to Word on Mac with Automator

hamon-design.comelement is pertained to as the best and paling recommended option for to Word counter on Mac. That"s due to the fact that this application has been intricately do to help you solve every one of your file editing requirements with ease, convenience, and flexibility. Benefits of hamon-design.comelement include:

Superior OCR capabilities simplify the process of transferring any images or scanned records into easily editable and searchable text formats.Numerous word paper editing functions like mengedit text and also image, spell check, line mode, and paragraph mode.It permits creating and also converting records into any other file format like Word.It raised data security functions in the form of permissions, passwords, digital signatures, message redaction, and so on.It kekuasaan it easy to leaving comments, notes, and menonjol text top top files.It has a charming and also user-friendly interface.It support Mac OS 10.14, 10.15, and also 11 large Sur.

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How to readjust to Word on Mac

Step 1: open up

Drag and drop her file into hamon-design.comelement"s main home window to open up the file. Or click on the "Open File" button or "Open" button to select and also open the


Step 2: transform to Word Mac

Once the paper has been opened up in hamon-design.comelement, click the "File" button to permit the "Export To" function. Girlfriend can kemudian click the "To Word" switch to select Microsoft Word as the output format. You can rename the document and select the calculation folder in the pop-up window. As soon as you are happy with all the changes, click "Save" and your paper will be converted within a few seconds.


Step 3: transform Scanned to Word top top Mac (Optional)

To transform a scanned file, you need to click the "Tool" > "OCR text Recognition" switch on the top menu first. After diterima the scanned, click "File" > "Export To" and select "To Word" in the menu bar. Then click "Save" to mulailah the conversion.

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Convert to Word on Mac totally free with Google Docs

Another alternative is the widely tangan kedua program, Google Docs. The can juga help you convert come Word Mac complimentary online. Di sini are the steps to follow:

1. Log in in to your Google account ~ above the Google Docs website.2. Upload the record that you want to convert to Word.3. Navigate to the "File" tab. Pick " Download as" > "Microsoft Word(.docx)" to export your come a word document.

How to Export to Word ~ above Mac v Automator

There is tambahan another totally free method obtainable for Mac customers to transform to word. This is the built-in Mac app Automator. The can tolong you convert a record to a level or rich message format.

1. Temukan for "Automator" in your Application and open it.2. Search for "Extract Text," kemudian select "Rich Text" (RTF) or "Plain Text" (TXT) on the best side to save your Girlfriend can also set other alternatives as needed.3. Click the "Run" button, and also choose a document to convert to a text record directly.

Preview Can"t convert a to Word top top Mac

If girlfriend are an ext interested in lihat a complimentary editor, you have the right to try using Preview. However, in spite of the kebenaran that that is one inbuilt Mac editor, it often tends to fall short when it comes to functionality and also features. Listed below are a few of its finest features. It enables users come edit, annotate, include images, and highlight sections that the text in a file, but is a bit minimal in terms of functionality. It allows users to combine files, and also it is complimentary to use. However, the can"t convert come Word in macOS, and also it only supports converting right into JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.


It"s a menggabungkan app ~ above Mac devices.It allows users to incorporate files.It"s totally free to use.It provides straightforward editing features.


The program lacks particular functions.The program lacks one OCR feature.The document conversion function is challenging to use. expert is unable to transform to Word on Mac expert is unable to transform to Word top top Mac. However, it is quiet a beneficial application for Mac. Even though that lacks features compared to hamon-design.comelement, the is simple and cost-efficient. It operates in ~ high speed and also includes reasonably annotation features, paper signing tools, an impressive membagikan feature, and also form-filling capabilities. The is tambahan compatible with paling Apple gadgets (Macs, iPads, and also iPhones). However, it melakukan not support converting a record to Word format on Mac. Learn more details about Expert.

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It deserve to be digunakan on a number of apologize devices.It has split-screen capabilities.It juga offers easy file mengalihkan options.


It is restricted in features and functionalities compared to hamon-design.comelement.It has limited OCR capabilities.It has limited image modifying tools.It is not user-friendly for file conversion.

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