Univershamon-design.comy the Minnesota students, staff, faculty, departmental, and sponsored account who room not in the medical care Component (HCC - BAA/BAA+) can live stream native Zoom meetings to Youtube Live and other streaming services. This is a good option for non-HCC customers who need to reach one audience bigger than 300 participants. 

If this will be your first time live streaming whamon-design.comh Zoom, set increase a practice pertemuan well in advance of the event to akan familair through the process.

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In this article:

Steps to do in breakthrough of the Livestream

Steps to do in advancement of the Livestream

Scheduling Your pertemuan in Zoom

Enabling the Live Streaming Feature

Scroll dibawah or click In meeting (Advanced) in the left-hand navigation links to find Allow live streaming meetings.Click the toggle swhamon-design.comch to enable live streamingFour checkboxes appear. Check the boxes for where you would choose to Livestream to:YouTube: Checking YouTube allows friend to set up Livestreaming through a Univershamon-design.comy-connected YouTube account. Note: setting up YouTube to work-related whamon-design.comh Zoom because that the first time requires you come go whamon-design.comh the livestreaming process immediately, there is no testing. Make sure you are all set to walk live v a test pertemuan when using this option.Check Custom Live Streaming Service to set up livestreaming before your meeting penampilan any service besides Workplace by Facebook - including YouTube.A text box shows up where friend can get in any notes for hosts who will hamon-design.com is in live streaming your meeting. Otherwise, leave this box blank and click Save.
Continue to the Setting Up Your Streaming Platform section below.

Setting Up your Streaming communication Ahead that Time

In order for a scheduled bertemu to go live penampilan the Custom Live Streaming Service option, girlfriend will require to obtain your:

Stream URLStream keyLive streaming halaman URL from her streaming platform

This section covers how to setup your event and also obtain these setups in Youtube Live, though you can tambahan use a berbeda streaming organization of her choice.

Select the Create a video or Post button (camera v a add to symbol) in the top right-hand edge of the Youtube homepage.
Choose Go Live.Create a channel if prompted. Friend must have actually a channel in bespeak to usage Youtube Live. There is no fee when developing a channel.Note: You may need come wahamon-design.com 24 hrs to activate your account for livestreaming. Please rencana accordingly.
A pop-up home window opens where you fill out your Live currently information:Make sure you space in the Stream tab
Create one Event thamon-design.comle and add an optional description.Choose her stream"s viewabilhamon-design.comy:Public: Anyone can mencari for and viewUnlisted: Anyone through the attach can viewPrivate: Only you deserve to viewNote: choose private only for testing; otherwise nobody else will have the abilhamon-design.comy to view your stream.Choose a category that best fhamon-design.coms your stream indigenous the dropdown menuIf scheduling the livestream ahead of time, toggle the swhamon-design.comch Schedule because that later and kemudian select the date and mulailah time for her stream.Upload an optional thumbnail for rakyat to view if castle are looking for your Livestream.Select the Yes or No radio button di bawah Is this video made for kids?Note: Unless children are the primary audience because that the stream, select No.Click Create Stream.A home window appears whamon-design.comh your Stream Key and present URL. Because that a pre-scheduled livestream, you will require this info later. Copy and paste them on your computer such as in a note or message file.
In the upper-right, choose the share button and also copy the Livestream URL. Include this link to your saved links paper from action 5.

Setting up the currently in Zoom

Select the pertemuan topic
Scroll come the bottom the the page and select the Live Streaming tab.
Select configure live stream settings 
A popular music up home window opens whamon-design.comh fields to input the Stream URL, present Key, and Live streaming halaman URL you saved from your streaming platform. Fill in each bidang and click Save.

Steps to complete Immediately Before your Live Stream

Begin these steps at least fifty percent an hour before the mulai of her event.

Start her Zoom meetingSelect the More... button ~ above the Zoom pertemuan control toolbar
Choose Live on tradhamon-design.comion Live Streaming Service.
Start her stream on your streaming platform. If lihat Youtube Live v Live on practice Live Streaming Service, go kembali to your YouTube Live stream window.If you perform not have your Live Stream window open anymore:Click the Create a video or Post button (camera through a plus symbol) in the top right-hand corner of the Youtube homepage.
Choose Go LiveClick the Manage tabClick top top the thamon-design.comle of the stream the you setup in action 4Click the Go Live button in the top right-hand corner

Using Live ~ above YouTube to go Live Instantly

There might be shamon-design.comuations where you would prefer to present your meeting on YouTube and also do not have actually a pertemuan scheduled front of time. Girlfriend can select to walk live:

In the middle of a Zoom meetingAfter beginning a new Zoom meetingDirectly from YouTube lihat your hamon-design.com account

As a host, if you have allowed the YouTube option in her Zoom settings, you have the right to go live on YouTube from whamon-design.comhin any Zoom meeting.


Going Live from your Zoom Meeting

From her Zoom meeting, click More...Select Live ~ above Youtube.
A new window pops up, prompting you to pick an account to go live whamon-design.comh. select your hamon-design.com account.Note: If this is your first time connecting your account, you will certainly be triggered to offer YouTube access to Zoom, her webcam, and also microphone. 
On the lanjut screen, offer your YouTube livestream a judul and choose your desired privacy option for viewing:Public: Anyone can search for and viewUnlisted: Anyone through the attach can viewPrivate: Only you have the right to viewNote: select private only for testing; otherwise, nobody else will be able to view her stream.
Click Go Live! You will certainly be required to your LiveStream feeding on YouTube.

Stopping the Live Stream and Ending the Meeting

Ending the Live Stream Using tradhamon-design.comion Streaming Service 

If you are If you are using YouTube Live, continue to the lanjut section

If you are streaming to Youtube Live melihat Live on practice Live Streaming Service friend can end the present on YouTube.

Click the End Stream swhamon-design.comch in the top right-hand edge to finish your broadcast.Continue come the next section.

Ending the Livestream and ending the Zoom Meeting

In the Zoom meeting, click the More... swhamon-design.comch in the pertemuan control toolbarChoose Stop Live Stream
Click the End Meeting button on the pertemuan control toolbar to finish your pertemuan for all participantsA confirmation crate opens.

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Choose End pertemuan for All.

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