A save product v interest perbandingan similar to that of time deposit as well as ease the transaction.

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Similar interest rate with that offline by time deposit.Free of fee for cash tap the money at other banks’ ATM. ATM with logo design of GPN/ PRIMA/ BERSAMA, consisting of that belong to BRI, BCA,Bank Mandiri, BNI, CIMB Niaga, financial institution Panin, etc.Free of fee for interbank transfer and no management fee*.Reimbursement of transfer biaya for receive of money**.Equipped with mobile and internet banking.

* See kapak product details for transaction fee** See kondisi for reimbursement of ayunkan cost

TierInterest Rate*
Rp 1 million to

TierInterest Rate*
Rp 1 juta to

Monthly fee management & ATMFree
Bank Sampoerna’s ATM Cash tap the money fee aFree
Others bank ATM Cash tap the money fee aFree 30x/month
Transfer to financial institution SampoernaFree
Interbank transfer fee
Through ATM bank Sampoerna’s ATM & other banks’ ATMFree because that 10 times/ month b,c
Through MB/ IB/ Counter
Realtime-OnlineFree for 10 times/ month b,c
LLG/SKNFree because that 25 times/ month b
RTGSFree for 10 times/ month b
Balance inquiry
ATM financial institution Sampoerna IB/ MB/ CounterFree
Other banks’ ATM (a)Free b
Other bureaucratic fee
Account opened & ATM map issuanceFree
Account closingRp 50.000
IB TokenFree d
Replacement cost
ATM CardRp 30.000
IB TokenRp 500.000
Minimum balance & Transaction limit
Minimum opened balance & hold balanceRp 1.000.000
Transaction limit (per day)
Through ATM
Cash withdrawalRp 10.000.000
Inter accounts mengalihkan within financial institution SampoernaRp 50.000.000
Inter financial institution transferRp 25.000.000
Through mobile banking
Inter accounts mengalihkan within bank SampoernaRp 100.000.000
Inter bank transferRp 50.000.000
Inter bank transfer – every transactionRp 25.000.000
Through web bankig
Inter accounts ayunkan within financial institution SampoernaRp 250.000.000
Inter bank transferRp 100.000.000
Inter bank mengalihkan – every transactionRp 25.000.000
Minimum balance (lastday transaction) to:
Reimbursement the transfer nilai for obtain of money
Real time – onlineRp 5.000.000
LLG/SKN/RTGS/cashing the end chequeRp 25.000.000
Free ayunkan to other’s bank
Through ATMRp 5.000.000
Through MB/ IB/ Counter
Real time – OnlineRp 5.000.000
LLG/SKN/RTGSRp 25.000.000
Free balance checking in ATM aRp 5.000.000


(a). ATM v GPN/ PRIMA/ together logo, including itu of BRI, BCA, financial institution Mandiri, etc.(b). Lihat cashback mechanism.(c). The frequency is gathered of transactions through ATM , mobile Banking, dan net Banking.(d). With minimum balance that Rp 5 million.

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subject to readjust at any time.

Transfer MechanismReimbursed ValueMaximum mageri of Reimbursement per MonthMinimum Balance in ~ The finish of The Day as soon as Transaction Occured
Real time – onlineRp 6.500Total 10 xRp 25 million
LLG/SKNRp 2.900
RTGSRp 20.000

PT bank Sahabat Sampoerna

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