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 ‘The cerita of Kartono & Erica’

Contoh naskah drama batin bahasa Inggris ‘The cerita of Kartono & Erica’

It to be a story of two orang who loved each other deeply. Disparity in between them was not able to separate anda passion come love every other. Kartono & Erica room the surname of them. Together the generation that colonizer that Netherlands, Erica was not allowed to have a special relationship through Kartono that was born as Indonesian. Intrigue, conflict, and sacrifice dulu the parts of this cerita which made the complicated. Did their cerita will be finished with happiness? Let us see then.

There menjadi Kartono v his household who menjadi doing milik mereka daily activities. Kartini is waiting Kartono to companion her. Castle planned to clock a small theater in ~ fair.

Kartono : apa sis?

Kartini : There was a girl trying to find you di sini (mocking in ~ Kartono)

Kartono : Oh… please! hanya prepare everything automatically or we will certainly be so late sis.

Kartini : Hahaha… OK! (laughing at Kartono)

Waginem : perform not stroked nerves your brothers Tini (smiling at Kartini)

Kartini : Hahaha… the is too shy come tell the truth mom (glancing at Kartono then


Kartono : Oh… Come on! We perform not have much time to the same sis!

Kartini : someone is walking to be angry now (going come the inside)

(Waginem walk kemudian sit next to her son)

Waginem : Ah… My little boy is cultivation older now.

Kartono : I carry out not have actually girlfriend mom.

Waginem : i did not claimed that kartono (laughing)

Kartono : then what?

Waginem : Is there any type of girl the is touched your heart?

Kartono : Oh… Mom! Please!

Waginem : girlfriend are hanya like your father kartono (smiling)

Scene 2 (At the fair)

Kartono and his brother space walking around then watching a drama. Once they space looking a place to have a better look, Erica and also her sisters are walking too near them. Unfortunately, one of Erica’s sisters is almost falling down because her body touched Kartini. Erica’s sister and Kartini are having actually a quarrel. But, still, that is the minute where Kartono and also Erica meet.

Madonna : Blimey! do not you see me villager?!

Kartini : Oh… Please… forgive me… It have to be mine mistake…

Madonna : friend are seperti a insane slave!

Kartini : What?! apa did you speak huh?!

Madonna : Slave! You… Indonesian… Looked favor a beggar with an old rumpled

dress… exactly how pity you are! You should be walk to pick a pocket di sini beggar!

Erica : you re welcome stop! that is also rude sis! (grabbing her sister’s hand)

Veronica : it is not essential sis (helping Erica come grab Madonna’s hand)

Kartini : carry out you think that ns am afraid through you?! No!

Kartono : Please execute not gaining mad mine sister… just let her go (whispering her sister)

Madonna : Let us see kemudian beggar!

Kartini : i am waiting it…White race!

Veronica : that is better to leaving this ar sis. Undoubtedly, it is not an excellent for you.

Kartini : Yeah… that is much better to no live di sini too! Kartono, I need some new air now.

(Veronica brings Madonna to somewhere and Kartini juga leave that place)

Erica : i apologize because that my untreated act of mine sister. She has negative tempered.

Kartono : Yeah… please forgive my sister too.

Erica : the is okay.

Scene 3 (At the farm)

After the incident, life goes together usual. Over there is naught to be worried. Kartono and his sister spend dari mereka life working in the farm. They have been working there dari their dad died. They need to work there till the hutang paid. As the owner, Mr. Valve Zuckerberg is hardly counted every cent that earned through the 2 siblings. One day, an unpredictable minute is how amazing happened.

Kartono : the is a hot day, is not it?

Kartini : yes it is, yet we must complete our work.

Kartono : I recognize it. Mr. Van Zuckerberg selalu counts every sweat that takes.

Kartini : Oh… that bloody Dutchwoman again, what melakukan she wants precisely huh?

Kartono : Oh… Please… the is not the ideal time sis.

Madonna walks approximately the farm and also sees the workers do milik mereka works. A familiar face appears at she sight. Then, she comes v mad face.

Madonna : You! what are you doing here?!

Kartini : i am working here. Is there something wrong?

Madonna : No!

Kartini : Well, over there is naught to be discussed. Forgive me, I desire to ambil a rest.

(Kartono and also Kartini leaving her guest, Madonna)

Madonna : You…! You…! Arrgghh… how Annoying friend are! friend will acquire your

consequences because the honourable Mr. Van Zuckerberg, your boss, is my

father. You will be fired soon!

Kartini : i think the is no a great choice for your father.

In the other place, Kartono sit to have a rest and enjoy his meal. Kemudian a girl comes with her beautiful face. He feels shocked then stood hurriedly.

Kartono : Madam… (smiling kemudian nodding his head)

Erica : I komandan that I have actually seen you but I forget it.

Kartono : Urmm… correct madam, There was an accident in between our sisters at fair.

Erica : Ya..Ya… i remember that. Well, my name is Erica. (Offering she hand)

Kartono : you re welcome forgive me madam, my hand is dirty.

Erica : Oh… Please… it is it s okay for me… once again, my surname is Erica, please do

not panggilan me madam.

Kartono : Yes, my surname is Kartono.

Erica : room you working here?

Kartono : Yes, i am working here with mine sister too.

Erica : OK… Well, I need to go lainnya place, view you later.

Kartono : correctly Ms. Erica. Have actually a nice day.

Scene 4 (At the Kartono’s house )

At the Kartono’s house, his sister, Kartini, bekerja untuk a little bit conversation v Kartono and also her mother. They are discussing about Mr. Valve Zuckerberg family’s and also the girl who often visits Kartono.

Kartini : i cannot believe it. The mad dutchwoman is Mr. Valve Zuckerberg’s daughter.

Kartono : Yes, yet Erica is not choose them.

Kartini : What? Erica? that is she?

Kartono : The sister the girl who had actually accident with you. The one who apologize because that her

sister untreated act.

Kartini : Ah… probably that is just her sweet words. It is hanya like her forefathers

Behavior at the first, the cursed people who insurance claims our land!

Waginem : apa happened to every one of you my dear?

Kartono : naught mom. Over there is nothing to it is in worried.

Kartini : Nothing you said? are you insane?!

Kartono : I know that, but, it would certainly be weiser if you overlook her.

Kartini : You witnessed it in prior of your challenge how devilish she to be yesterday and you just

stayed calm like it? She is just like her father, the murderer van Zuckerberg!

Waginem : Wait…! have you ever met his daughter?

Kartini : Yes, I have it, and maybe every one of his daughters will be like him too.

Kartono : Oh… come on sis… Erica will certainly not be like that.

Kartini : Ah… It kekuasaan nonsense! all of them are same!

(Kartini is going to the outside and leaving she mother and also brother)

Waginem : Please do not be angry v her. You need to be knew her well dear.

Kartono : correct mom, however Erica is not prefer her father and also sister. She is kind.

Waginem : iyo kartono , not every one of them are cruel, but, still, perform not do a relationship with

Dutchwoman, the is much better to girlfriend dear.

Kartono : I recognize it mom, however she is different. She is friendly v the workers.

Waginem : I understand my dear. A Dutchwoman need to be beautiful.

Kartono : it is not about that mom.

Waginem : correct honey, I recognize it. Do you check out the girl who always looking because that you?

Kartono : Sumi?

Waginem : ns think she is sort my dear. I deserve to see that from her eyes.

Kartono : Oh… Mom, please execute not talk around her anymore. I recognize that she kenal me

well and also has a great manner. But I cannot love her. I carry out not love her.

Waginem : however you can try it my dear.

Kartono : Let united state see then mom.

Scene 5 (At the Erica’s home )

Madonna feels for this reason mad about Kartini. She is therefore angry since Kartini is not an ordinary woman like other workers. She has no fear and brave. She kenal well if the is a bad thing that deserve to threaten her glorious place as colonizer. She tells it v her family.

Mr. Berg : i heard that you have actually met Kartini at fair.

Madonna : correctly papa. I hate her so much. She was too dangerous for us. I deserve to feel that.

Erica : but that was not her wrong Madonna. (coming come the inside through Veronica)

Madonna : Why carry out you care about them? perform you favor her brother? I saw you talked with

him at that time.

Erica : It cannot be. You were too rude at the time and too odd. I think he is a polite

man. That is all. And also why perform not you show them a great behavior as young Dutchwoman lady huh?!

Mr. Berg : you re welcome stop! it is not vital for all of you. Every one of them are hanya our slave.

Uneducated setiap orang who job-related at our farm. You have the right to sell them when you not

need castle anymore. And also especially friend Erica, do not be type with them.

They are all hanya filthy slave we have. Now, all of you, kembali to her room.

All daughter : correctly papa.

(All that the Mr. Van Zuckerberg daughter went kembali to anda own room. In Erica room, over there is a tiny bit conversation in between Erica and also her sister Veronica)

Veronica : carry out you prefer him Erica?

Erica : I carry out not even know that Veronica. Why carry out you questioning that?

Veronica : I have the right to see that.

Erica : view what?

Veronica : your eyes. Ns knew you fine my sister. Execute you prefer him?

Erica : I hanya feel that he is a good man sejak we have first met. The is calm, not much

talking, and also has a bravery in his eyes.

Veronica : ns cannot say anything. Yet you must be understand the repercussion that will you


Erica : as a Dutchwoman, I understand it.

Scene 6 (At the farm )

The bulan changes the sun. Dried is walking to be rainy. The eggs of birds room hatched and also soon they will learn to fly. Erica shows exactly how deep she love and Kartono responds that by his attention. No one kenal until one unpredictable catastrophe comes.

Erica : are you tired Kartono?

Kartono : Yes, of course. Over there are many things that I execute today.

Erica : Well, I bring you some cake. Is it your favorite?

Kartono : how do you know it? it is the ideal food ns have ever met Erica.

Erica : A woman that really loves she man selalu knows maafkan saya her male like.

Kartono : the is great. Say thanks to you. Carry out not you fear if people know around us?

Erica : apa for?

Kartono : her father, Mr. Valve Zuckerberg, he need to be angry if recognize it.

Erica : Yeah, I understand that but… emmm… I carry out not favor his method at all. Everyone has

rights to be cost-free and treated kindly as other even they space workers.

Kartono : Yeah, I understand that you room different darimana we have very first met. That is why I

feel for this reason calm once I meet you Erica.

Erica : that is apa I feel as well Kartono. Say thanks to you.

Kartono : you are paling welcome.

Erica : You must be prefer this… open your mouth… Aaaa… Aaaa…

Kartono : Oh… Please… do not be like that.

(When they are laughing, the girl who loves Kartono so lot comes)

Sumi : oh no!

Kartono : Sumi!

Sumi : I… I hanya want to give you some foods yet I think you have it.

Kartono : please wait di sini Erica. I have actually something to do.

Erica : oh yes… it is okay. I understand it.

(Kartono come approached Sumi)

Kartono : maafkan saya are friend doing here?

Sumi : I hanya want to provide you this. You have to be hungry but I know if this is not

necessary anymore.

Kartono : Yeah… ns am hungry yet you require not to perform this.

Sumi : Why? because that girl? that beautiful Dutchwoman? Is the a factor why you

do not love me? do not friend know just how hurt it because that me? that hurts.

Kartono : Sumi… hear to me… You should not be choose this.

Sumi : Is it her answer?

Kartono : Sumi…

Sumi : Yes…

Kartono : you re welcome forgive me. I carry out not love you. I cannot get that feeling.

Sumi : Is it since her?

Kartono : No Sumi… that is not since her…

Sumi : Aku tenanan tresno karo sliramu mas (speaks in Javanese)

Kartono : Yo… Aku ngerti kui tapi aku ora iso Sumi.

(Sumi leaving them and also Kartono go kembali approached Erica)

Erica : who is she?

Kartono : Sumi, the girl that I have actually told friend before.

Erica : Oh… She is…

Kartono : apa is wrong with you?

Erica : Nothing… i am okay… Emm… do you love her?

Kartono : I do not love her.

Erica : You room the only one in my mind. Ns have tidak pernah felt this method before. Will you

promise me to store this?

Kartono : Yes i will and also will girlfriend promise me one thing?

Erica : maafkan saya is that?

Kartono : Please save this too. The is the most precious point that I have in my life. You

deserve it Erica. You room the only one i love.

Erica : will certainly you bawa pulang me much away one day?

Kartono : Yes i will.

Scene 7 (The worst moment )

At the house, Mr. Valve Zuckerberg and his wife Mrs. Elizabeth is looked so quiet yet it is not same like maafkan saya is in dari mereka head. They are so disappointed with Erica’s special relationship through Kartono.

Elizabeth : i cannot think it. My daughter loves a filthy slave. How embarrassing it is.

Mr. Berg : I have warned her sebelum but she ignored it.

Elizabeth : Why? Why must that slave?

Mr. Berg : I execute not even know. The bloody family members is tidak pernah stopped make trouble for us.

Elizabeth : i think you must kill every one of them.

Mr. Berg : I have planned for it.

(Erica come inside)

Mr. Berg : Erica! Come here! Now!

Erica : Y… Y… correctly dad.

Mr. Berg : carry out you have any kind of relationship through Kartono?!

Erica : No… No papa, I do not understand him.

Elizabeth : Erica… Please carry out not lie through us!

Erica : Ple… please forgive me. That is a an excellent man.

Mr. Berg : five God! Please! that bloody household again!

Elizabeth : We do not choose it Erica!

Erica : But… He…

Elizabeth : over there is nothing to it is in discussed. Go bagian belakang to your room now!

(At the various other side)

Kartini : do not you know just how dangerous that Kartono?

Kartono : Yes… i know however I cannot avoid it.

Waginem : Oh… Please… just this time, you have to stay away from she my dear.

Kartono : i cannot execute that mom. That is not straightforward to perform it.

Kartini : do not friend know how cruel Mr. Berg? carry out not friend remember that?

Waginem : Please do not carry out this dear… Please…

Kartono : ns cannot believe it. That is difficult for me.

Waginem : please my dear… Please…

(Mr. Van Zuckerberg referred to as his maid, Magdalena, and Veronica watches them from far distance)

Mr. Berg : Magdalena! Come here please!

Magdalena : Yes, Sir…

Mr. Berg : You have something to do. You re welcome watch Erica even if it is she is still satisfy and

have a contact with Kartono or not. No one have to not know around it.

Magdalena : as you wish Sir…

Scene 8 (At the farm yard )

One day, Mr. Van Zuckerberg visited Kartono to satisfy him. He wanted to warning Kartono and asking milik mereka debt. They have a conversation in the farm.

Mr. Berg : Kartono!

Kartono : correctly Sir… can I help you?

Mr. Berg : tolong me? Yes, of course. We have something to be discussed.

Kartono : correctly Sir… what is that?

Mr. Berg : carry out you know exactly how much the rest of your utang Kartono?

Kartono : I perform not understand Sir.

Mr. Berg : cannot you count that?

Kartono : ns cannot Sir.

Mr. Berg : Ah… girlfriend know… Erica can count that straightforward matter. She is one educated

woman just like other belanda people. What about you?

Kartono : But… however I deserve to learn that Sir.

Mr. Berg : carry out not you understand what I average bloody slave! The only thing you need is

stay far from her! A kind people like girlfriend is not apa I should be my

family. Hanya stay far from her Kartono or the bad thing will certainly be happened.

Kartono : correctly Sir…

Scene 9 (At the Erica’s residence )

Since the time, the is difficult for Erica to meet Kartono. Erica melakukan not recognize the factor why Kartono being prefer this. The is not choose at past where they can spend the time together. She really miss out on Kartono therefore much.

Erica : I execute not know maafkan saya I should do. That is difficult to find him.

Veronica : ns think I recognize his reason.

Erica : apa do girlfriend mean?

Veronica : do not you know exactly how angry papa? and I think it is better for you come leave

him and not try to discover him anymore.

Erica : Why not? nobody knows.

Veronica : Papa request Magdalena to clock every steps you take. He wanted to know

whether you fulfill Kartono or not. Be careful.

Erica : cannot I accomplish him anymore?

Veronica : No, girlfriend cannot. But you can send him her letter and I will help you.

Erica : but Kartono cannot create or read.

Veronica : kemudian I will perform that for him.

(Erica begins crying)

Scene 10 (At the Erica’s residence )

One day, a negative thing happened. Mr. Van Zuckerberg finally tahu if his daughter is still having a contact with Kartono. He gathers all of Kartono family and also wants lock die. Yet at the last the quiet one, Kartono, melakukan unpredictable thing to Mr. Valve Zuckerberg.

Mr. Berg : here we are with a couple of great people.

Elizabeth : So… Is the Kartono? A filthy stupid slave that tried come love my daughter!

Mr. Berg : I have actually told you Kartono but you did not understand. Here is the consequence.

You and your family is owing much money v me the is no completely

paid it rotates today.

Kartini : however we have actually paid all of it and the rest is come native the attention you take. It is

not fair!

Waginem : you re welcome forgive her Mr Berg. She is too young to understand.

Mr. Berg : and I tidak pernah asked her father to owe from me.

Kartini : You space so greedy bloody white race! God will not bless you!

Mr. Berg : close up door up! (shoot Kartini)

Waginem : Kartini! you re welcome wake up mine dear! Kartini! (crying)

Kartono : you re welcome forgive me my sister. It is mine mistake (crying)

Mr. Berg : in ~ the first, you are not totally paid that and kemudian you space trying to take my

daughter. Exactly how dare girlfriend are!

Elizabeth : Be all set for your revolve Kartono! the is the terakhir day because that you!

Mr. Berg : This is the terakhir day for you Kartono and also I love to check out it. Is over there anything you

want to say?

Waginem : oh no! please Mr. Berg! You have taken mine daughter!

Kartono : perform you desire to shoot me huh? just shoot!

Mr. Berg : Well, that is her wish (shoot Kartono)

Waginem : No!

Kartono : Mom! maafkan saya the hell you room thinking huh? You must die also Zuckerberg!

Mr. Berg : girlfriend can shot it (shoot kartono)

Kartono : You are bloody….. (fell down to the floor)

Mr. Berg : the is also easy. Well elizabeth please asking some orang to clean out itu trash.

Elizabeth : Okay, i will do it. (goes come the outside)

Kartono : Is this apa you can? (chokes with rob)

Mr. Berg : You… You….

(Erica pertains to the inside and scream)

Erica : Papa! apa are you doing Kartono!

Kartono : She killed my household Erica and virtually killed me.

Erica : oh my God… I tidak pernah want that happened.

Kartono : So am I. I have to leave this place. There is nothing that I deserve to do here. Ns have

no one here. I have actually lost whatever I have. I have lost girlfriend too.

Erica : i cannot speak anything now. The is too difficult for me.

Kartono : Erica… Listen… I carry out not have much time, I need to go. I will ambil a train

next week to the Surabaya. I need to cure my paint an initial when i am hiding.

They need to be wanted to death me. Give thanks to for everything.

(walks approached his mother and sister)

Kartono : together a boy I cannot make you feel senang mom. As a brother i cannot protect

you mine sister. You re welcome forgive me. It is tough for me yet I have to go.

Erica : Kartono!

Scene 10 (At the Train station )

Kartono chose to leave his hometown. That runs and also runs until discover a safe ar to hide. After ~ his pain cured. He goes to the terminal to acquire train come the Surabaya. Yet there is a few setiap orang looking because that him. They know where he is.

Kartono : Erica should be said it. (covering his face)

Magdalena : You should be Kartono, room not you?

Kartono : No madam, ns am not Kartono.

Magdalena : I recognize that you have actually killed Mr. Berg and also there is someone in search of you.

(Erica and Veronica comes)

Kartono : Erica! what are you doing here?!

Erica : Please bring me out of here. I only require you. And also Magdalena, maafkan saya are you

doing here?! perform not you feel satisfied?! I recognize you have to be tell v papa if

I still having actually a call with Kartono.

Veronica : hanya calm down Erica. She melakukan not carry out that.

Magdalena : yes Ms. Erica, once your father asks me, I tidak pernah tell the truth. I recognize that

you always buy some cake to Kartono or also write a letter because that him.

Erica : So… that was phone call it come father?

Magdalena : The girl named Sumi.

Kartono : Sumi?

Magdalena : correct she is. She selalu watch girlfriend kartono. Seeing you indigenous safe ar and

always want to know what you do. She kenal that Veronica brings you the

letter then help you to read and write.

Veronica : Woman have the right to be crazy as soon as in love, just like you (smiling). The train will

be walk now. You re welcome send me the letter and also tell me if you need any help.

(Magdalena and also Veronica leave them)

Kartono : do you really desire to go through me? ns cannot promise you countless things. I do

not also know what will be taken place to me.

Erica : I think you and we can mulailah our life together.

Kartono : This is no as good as choose your imagination.

Erica : but it will not as poor as your imagination too. Great thing and also bad point have

same chance and risk.

Kartono : say thanks to for think me Erica.

Erica : friend are most welcome honey.

Erica and Kartono walk to the Surabaya. Castle leave their hometown. Sumi becomes crazy because she think Kartono died. Veronica organizes the farm and bersama with Magdalena, She keeps the secret well and sometimes goes to the Surabaya come visit Erica and Kartono. Elisabeth and Madonna pick to go to milik mereka homeland, Netherland. At the last, Kartini and Waginem are remainder in tranquility forever.

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