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Before Diana Rigg passed away at 82 terakhir week, she left one indelible character in her wake – permainan HBO’s Game that Thrones personality Olenna Tyrell. Rigg"s Olenna was the matriarch of house Tyrell, and also at one point, its just surviving member. If you komandan Olenna to be feisty, you might be surprised to learn the actress was comparable at times. Once kapan filming her iconic role, Rigg hilariously even stormed off the collection in the slowest way possible.

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Yes, this really taken place on the collection of Game that Thrones, and one actors member has recalled the moment with tremendous affection. Jessica Henwick played Nymeria, aka among the fan-loathed "Sand Snakes" top top the show and also recently revealed how a game of Thrones line disutradarai to a highly memorable minute on set. Speaking in the book Fire Cannot death a Dragon (via EW), Henwick recalled Olenna pertemuan with the Sand Snakes" leader, Ellaria, in Season 6 just to easily to shut dibawah the young Sand line by saying:

Oh, carry out shut up…Let the grown ladies speak.

That line and so many much more procured Diana Rigg"s Olenna Tyrell legend negara on Game of Thrones. So, apa happened to make Rigg berjalan off the set? while they were filming the scene mentioned above, Henwick learned that once the actress was prepared to roll, she was prepared to roll. Jessica Henwick tambahan shared:

She walked top top the set, and also she went, "I’m prepared now!" A cameraman come over and went, "Well, okay, yet we haven’t finished setup up." She interrupted him and said, "Roll the cameras!" and also she just started doing she lines. She did 2 takes, and kemudian the male came over and also was like, "Great, now we’re walk to carry out a close-up." and also she hanya stood up and also she went, "I’m done!" Now, she can’t berjalan fast. She needs to be helped. So basically we hanya sat there and watched together Diana Rigg properly did her very own version the storming off the set, yet it was at 0.1 miles per hour. She cracked me up. I loved her.

Age have the right to make a stormy berjalan off set less speedy, albeit no much less dramatic. Ns wish that Game the Thrones would publikasi the clip of Diana Rigg"s theatrical exit. It had actually to be something come behold and also to think the was no the terakhir of Rigg"s best lines or moments on the show. ~ all, Olena go toe-to-toe v Cersei.

Diana Rigg"s Olenna Tyrell go not save the finest for last, though. Fans dulu forever in Olenna"s debt for finishing the tyrannical reign of the angry Joffrey via toxicity in Season 4, and smacking turun several characters melihat her sharp tongue. Individu speaking, Game the Thrones was no the same without her squaring off v Charles Dance"s Tywin.

Of course, Olenna"s advice to be not always on the money. Olenna’s words come Daenerys helped fuel Daenerys walking full-dragon after Olenna urged her to embrace her true nature. A word of advice that had cataclysmic outcomes as Game that Thrones ended. As for the Sand Snakes, they went over like a command balloon with fans most times. Hence, Olenna Tyrell"s lisan smackdown listed above was arguably one of their largest on-screen highlights.

Let"s challenge it, Game the Thrones to be a little low top top satisfaction together it involved a close. Unfortunately, Olenna Tyrell was not there because that the last season as it desperately needed her wisdom and one-liners.

The lulus of Game that Thrones" saucy powerhouse did no go unnoticed by she co-stars, countless of who paid anda respects to her on social media. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who common Diana Rigg"s final scene as Olenna Tyrell ~ above Game the Thrones, to be among those to execute so. She seemed to it is in a respected actor and much-loved existence on set.

To relive Diana Rigg"s scene-stealing moments together Olenna Tyrell, you deserve to stream every season the Game that Thrones ~ above HBO Max. Diana Rigg"s on-screen journey starts in Season 3 and also continues native there. Ketika you wait for the franchise to "be a dragon" through the spinoff, House of the Dragon, check out this fall"s premieres.

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