The latest ilustrasi of Dil Se Dil Tak start off v Shorvari remembering the moment she had actually spent v Parth. She starts come unpack she luggage as soon as Mohini enters and tries to obstacle off the message Teni had actually left for she on the mirror. Mohini tells Shorvari the Teni to be planning something huge but Shorvari melakukan not think her.Mohini make the efforts to do her understand that Teni want to create differences in between her and also Parth. Further, she adds that Teni had ulterior motives once she come as a surrogate.

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Mohini even tells her the Parth knew around Teni but never mentioned she in former of Shorvari. She dares her to ask about it to Parth sebelum it gets also late. Mohini states that Teni has selalu been she enemy and not she friend.
Shorvari recollects maafkan saya Mohini said around Parth. She melakukan not desire to believe that Parth lied come her. She is in she room playing with Ipshita when Parth walks in.
Shorvari go to give him water and asks him if that is happy.Baffled by the question, Parth claims that the was senang without Teni"s presence in their life. Parth call Teni egoistic and also selfish. Shorvari is relieved to hear this. Suddenly, the glass breaks right into pieces ~ above the floor. Shorvari and also Parth both begin to choose up once a piece of glass harms Shorvari. Rather of acquisition her name, Parth ambil Teni"s name. After hearing this Shorvari feels that Parth might tidak pernah be able come let walk of Teni and also begins come doubt him.
Shorvari is sleepless in ~ night and also confronts Parth around Teni. Parth claims that Teni will tidak pernah be maybe to untuk mengambil Shorvari"s place in his heart. She kemudian asks that if the knew about Teni"s love because that him. Parth replies in the affirmative. Taken aback by this, Shorvari makes him promise that he won"t hide anything indigenous her. Parth agrees and says that he was only doing this to protect Teni.

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