Version: 1.08
operation System: Windows, Android
License: cost-free
Developer Name: Rockstar
total Downloads: 3,061,397
Category: PC games
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If you haven’t installed an Android emulator favor Bluestacks, you must download it now.After the APK record download is complete, click on it, and also your Android emulator will certainly extract and also install the file.The grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas logo will show up on your desktop after the surroundings is complete. You have the right to either open up the video game by click the desktop icon or discover it in the Android emulator.

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How to Download grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas because that Android (APK Version) for Free

While grand Theft Auto: san Andreas is not free through the Google bermain Store, I found a method to download a complimentary mod version of the video game through HappyMod. Once set up on your computer, girlfriend can transfer and install it on your Android device.

Click the Download button on the sidebar, the cool Theft Auto: san Andreas download halaman will open in a new tab.Press the Download APK button, and also the record will instantly download to your computer.Go to her Android device, and adjust the privacy settings to permit installations from unknown devices.Open the APK paper that you transferred to the phone and run the installer.Confirm that you desire to download the app, and accept the forced permissions because that the video game to operation properly, and the installation will run like any kind of other app.

How to Uninstall cool Theft Auto: mountain Andreas from your PC

If cool Theft Auto: san Andreas isn’t the right PC video game for you, examine out some of these various other action-packed free PC gamings below. Girlfriend can easily delete the video game from your PC. The process is slightly different from most Windows programs since the document in APK layout is situated in your emulator’s Android environment. The following steps room done lihat Bluestacks, yet the process is similar with paling emulators.

Open BlueStacks and tekan ke bawah on the My games tab ~ above the top food selection bar.Hover your mouse over the grand Theft Auto: san Andreas icon and also right click her mouse.
Click Uninstall.When the dialogue box opens, check that you desire to delete the app, and it will be fully removed from your computer.

Grand Theft Auto: san Andreas Overview

The fifth game in the GTA series finds carl Johnson (CJ), a reformed gang member, being forced back to criminal ways to avenge his mother’s death. Bawa pulang control that CJ and tolong him navigate his way through the city he grew up in, and also meet several of the personalities from his previous as the tries to fix the crime. Grand Theft Auto: san Andreas is played from a third-person view in one open-world atmosphere that gives you a selection to one of two people follow the story, spring for clues and bertemu contacts, or have actually fun steal cars and money, beating up pedestrians, and also avoiding the police.


To success the game, friend will need to collect weapons and steal car to stop rogue police officers and gang members looking to hide the truth. However, if you monitor the missions, you’ll tolong restore CJs old gang and also take back San Andreas. Despite his desire to leave the criminal dunia behind, CJ has no choice and will have to rob banks, stealing cars, and beat up cops to complete his missions.

You can permainan the game at your very own pace, and also if you desire to untuk mengambil a rest from the key missions and also just gantung out in mountain Andreas, you’ll uncover there is a lot to see and do.

Grand Theft Auto: san Andreas Features

Improved AI: Rockstar significantly improved the AI functions from ahead versions of GTA. While you used just to have the ability to bet up arbitrarily pedestrians or steal dare without yes, really fearing repercussions, now, you have to watch out together rival gang members or equipped civilians may sign up with in to avoid you. Top top the other hand, friend may also find help in fellow gang members in the area together they involved protect CJ. You can juga see the boosted AI once you struggle a car. The driver might leave his vehicle and attack you.Huge Map: cool Theft Auto: san Andreas is six times bigger than vice City, the vault GTA versions. Mountain Andreas is consisted of of three berbeda cities, and also each one has a distinct landscape, weather, gangs, stores, and more. This offers players the freedom to spend hours driving around and also finding new missions the aren’t concerned solving the murder of CJs mom but are funny nonetheless.More 보다 100 berbeda missions: speaking of missions, you’ll have more than 100 objectives to finish as you navigate with the extensive storyboard because that this game. The missions include breaking right into an army base, riding quad bikes as you try and chase turun thieves, plunder a bank, and also shoot remote regulate planes, and much more.Personalize CJ: Visit the shops in mountain Andreas and purchase new clothes and also accessories because that CJ, including visiting regional tattoo artists.Modify your vehicles: usage mods come customize and also improve her cars. From new bumpers, rims, tires, and even the upholstery, you deserve to modify your car, so the looks and also performs perfectly. This is much more than just a cosmetics improvement, the nicer ours car, the more jalan cred CJ will have with the gangs, and also the far better he’ll perform with the ladies.

Free options to grand Theft Auto: san Andreas


? Is cool Theft Auto: san Andreas free?

While there is no resmi free version of grand Theft Auto: san Andreas, if you monitor the measures above, I’ll show you exactly how to download a totally free mod variation of the game through the HappyMod android marketplace.

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?Is a modded version of cool Theft Auto: san Andreas secure?

Yes. HappyMod tests every uploaded apps for viruses, malware, adware, and also spyware.

?Do I need an Android maker to usage Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is a free software that you can download there is no needing to attach it to an actual Android device. However, if you desire to save your progress in cool Theft Auto and bermain on many devices, girlfriend will have to login into your Google account.