This year conference focuses on exactly how innovation, resilience, and change in bahasa language discovering during and after the pandemic. Year after the worldwide pandemic, paling educators have actually learned that resilience is among the an essential points in controlling the teaching-learning process. Educators are urged to reflect on their strategies and teaching practice during and also after the pandemic.

Anda sedang menonton: Fakultas bahasa dan seni unesa

The conference will be conducted online:

Saturday, 20 November 2021

Surabaya, 20 November 2021

Meeting ID: 860 4136 9804

Passcode: 780927


Call because that Abstracts, Papers, and also PresentersYou space cordially invite to submit her abstracts and papers and present them to the 6th english Teaching Conference 2021 with the theme of “The future of bahasa Language Learning, Literature, and cultural Studies: A Reflection from the Pandemic”. The border of the conference covers:

English Language Education

Teacher’s reflection on the to teach of english during the pandemicStudent’s have fun on the english language teachingLearning monitoring system (LMS) because that ELTChallenges and also opportunities of virtual learningHybrid learning for ELTMethods and reflective exercise in language learningMedia because that language learningEnglish for details Purposes (ESP)Teacher skilled developmentAssessment in language learning

English linguistics, literature, and cultural studies

Reader solution criticism in literature studiesAudience reception and popular cultureThe change of popular culture during and after the pandemicTranslation studies and also practiceEnglish Linguistics and BilingualismLiteracy practiceCritical Discourse Analysis


We invite prominent speakers for the conference:

Prof. Arnold Agustjin

Director ASEAN education Group (AEG) and also Anglia Netherland

Gilang Asri Devianty, M.Pd., M.A.

Ibu Gilang is an active English teacher at SMPN 2 Cileunyi Kabupaten Bandung, barat Java. Her main expertise is in the area the high stimulate thinking, social-emotional, and also curriculum perkembangan for bahasa language education.

Ahmad Munir, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Pak Munir at this time serves as the Head that the bahasa Language Education study Program. His research expertise is in the area of english teacher education, encouraging the theorizing exercise of the teaching of bahasa among english teachers.

Widyastuti, M.Pd.

Ibu Wid is a senior lecturer in the area of english Linguistics, State college of Surabaya. She earned she doctoral degree with a focus on translation studies for children"s books.


For registration, click here.For lebih jauh information, you re welcome download the conference booklet here.


To celebrate nationwide Language Month, the bahasa Department, Faculty of Languages and also Arts, State college of Surabaya (Unesa), proudly presents Student creativity Competition. We"re pleased come invite students from from all universities across Indonesia to get involved in the occasion in the complying with events:

Travel Writing


With the design template of “Traveling to residential Tourism Destinations", you are invited to create the following topics, namely social Heritage, religious Sites, travel Villages, City Tourism, and Culinary tourism

Instagram Reels Competition

With the layout of "Sustainable perkembangan Goals", girlfriend are urged to speak specifically about inclusivity in education, gender equality in education, fostering mental health awareness in education, Embracing diversity, Self-sanitation awareness, and also Living a sustainable life (Save energy, zero waste, mitigate plastics use, etc.).

Learning Media


Human resources have emerged as a nationwide priority that deserve to determine the country"s evolusi success. Pendidikan is among the initiatives to realize superior umat ​​manusia resources through digital learning media. The is a an important component of the learning procedure that is used to convey the material isi of a lesson. During the COVID-19 pandemic, students space expected come be an innovative and innovate. Therefore, the students should be able to membuat or produce digital learning media in the bidang of education, local culture, nationalism, humanism, and also friendship.

Further information, you have the right to download the booklet here.


English Language Education riset Program as soon as again hosts ELT finest Practice forum for the 2nd edition in 2021. The key topic because that this execution is language discovering in the konteks of pandemic. For this edition, us invite three speakers consisting of two teachers and also one featured speaker from our Department.




Fatma Noor Arfianti, S.Pd., Gr. (SMK Negeri 2 Surabaya)Anton Setiawan, S.S., M.Pd. (SMP Negeri 26 Surabaya)Dr. Him"mawan Adi Nugroho, M.Pd. (English Department, UNESA)

The ELT best Practice will certainly be hosted on:

Topic: ELT Best Practice 2021Time: Oct 29, 2021 01:00 pm Jakarta

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 6775 0262Passcode: 546066

The forum is tambahan a starting point because that the room to encourage our annual event of english Teaching Conference. This year, we note our 6 years of kesuksesan to organize the 6th bahasa Teaching Conference (ETC) 2021, scheduled on 20 November 2021. Lagi information about the conference, please click here.

You have the right to download the materials of the presentation here. 

It’s selalu challenging come conduct online learning throughout the crisis. The is even harder to transaction learners membentuk lower pendidikan levels, sebagai as main schools. Bahasa Department Unesa proudly gift a sharing session of ELT finest Practice through teachers ~ above the to teach of english for students of primary school to university levels throughout the pandemic.

For the upcoming edition, there will be 3 teachers from different levels that will share their finest practices of the to teach of english during the pandemic.

Lihat lainnya: Chord Kunci Gitar Dan Lirik Lagu Berpisah Di Penghujung Jalan Sultan


Ibu yeni Matofani, primary school teacher who been controlling online language finding out for the students in ~ SD Al-Hikmah SurabayaIbu Eka Devi Mayasari, a prominent teacher who’s involved with number of student’s international activities wants to share her suffer on managing online learning lihat international curriculum during the pandemicIbu rahayu Kuswardani, a lecturer committed on used Linguistics will posting ulang her experience on using virtual mode for the teaching of English


ELT ideal Practice is an scholastic forum controlled by bahasa Department, Faculty the Languages and also Arts (, State college of Surabaya. In this 2nd edition that 2020, early to sosial distancing during worldwide pandemic that covid-19, we"re stop a spesial session through webinar concept through the Zoom platform. The topics that will be delivered by the speaker are teaching bahasa for elementary school schools during the pandemic and also getting to recognize the basic elements that virtual finding out at university level.