an Epic game Store leaks point towards a pc port that the game stations exclusive, last Fantasy 7 Remake, coming in the close to future.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake's best flaw is that it is not obtainable for everyone, through it only being playable on playstation consoles. That might not be the situation for much longer though, as an Epic gamings Store leak indicates Final Fantasy 7 Remake might be coming to the pc platform in the close to future.

Undoubtedly, Final Fantasy 7 Remake was one of the biggest gamings of 2020. This reimagining that the hit initial PS1 game listed fans a new look at Cloud Strife's petualangan in Midgar v beautiful graphics, authentic voice-acting, and an extreme yet refined battle system. Recently, the game received a PS5 treatment, boosting the performance and visuals, along with the santai of a brand-new DLC story, Remake InterMISSION, showing maafkan saya Yuffie Kisaragi was doing during the main game. Originally released as a playstations exclusive, Final Fantasy 7 Remake had actually its exclusivity extended previously this tahun for lagi six months.

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very first covered through VGC, one Epic gamings Store leak from previously this tahun suggested one incoming notice for Final Fantasy 7 Remake coming to PC. Consisted of in the leak to be the kemudian unannounced Alan wake Remastered, i m sorry Remedy Entertainment hanya confirmed to be launching later this year. This confirmation of Alan wake Remastered retroactively gives more credence to the initial leak, with Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PC, in turn, seeming all the more likely.

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The game's exclusivity must still be retained in mind: Final Fantasy 7 Remake will certainly not show up on any other platform till its resolve PlayStation has ended. This would certainly make the earliest possible release sometime this autumn or early on winter. Square Enix partnering through Epic gamings would no be a brand-new development, together it released plenty of Kingdom Hearts games this previous spring ~ above the pc store. It would certainly follow kemudian for Final Fantasy 7 Remake to arrive on the Epic games Store at some point.

at this time there is no informing when sebagai an announcement will certainly be made. Later this month, Square Enix will give a presentation at TGS online 2021, which would certainly be as good a place as any type of to information the future of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Having actually released a preliminary perform of games that will certainly be displayed off consisting of Project Triangle Strategy and Stranger of Paradise: last Fantasy Origin, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is remarkable missing. Here's come hoping the it is absent from the line-up due to the fact that Square Enix desires to do it a surprise.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is easily accessible on PS4, and PS5.

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