Take Me Out is a tune by the Scottish indie/dance batu band Franz Ferdinand. The song was released as the second single indigenous their aku titled debut document Franz Ferdinand, which was released on the 9th February 2004.




The members that the pita were in several different bands sebelum the development of the group. Singer Alex Kapranos met drummer Paul Thomson in ~ a party, and later teamed approximately write lagu together. The same year, Kapranos offered a bas guitar (which was offered to the by mick Cooke of lainnya Scottish band Belle and Sebastian) to his girlfriend Bob Hardy, and also taught him how to play bass. Kapranos later on met guitarist Nick McCarthy, who studied jazz bas in Germany and returned kembali to Scotland in 2001. 

The band got signed by the elevation label Domino Records. The band wanted come release dari mereka first EP by themselves, yet was later released by Domino documents in 2003 under the name Darts the Pleasure in 2003. The team later relocated to Sweden v producer Tore Johansson to record milik mereka debut record in so late 2003 and early 2004.

The Lyrics


The text of the track tell a cerita of the narrator discovering a girl at a party. The narrator provides the metaphore that a crosshair in the 2nd line of the song, in which he refrences himself together the crosshair and the girl that is interested in together the target. But in the end, it is as much as the girl come »pull the cause of the gun«, and make or break the heart of the narrator that the song. In the chorus that the song, the narrator claims the heat »I say, don"t you know?«, i m sorry is a vague way of saying: »Don"t you know just how I feel around you?«, come which come which the girl responds that she doesn"t know maafkan saya he is talk about.

The lyrics of the song could juga be refrencing the assassination the the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, wherein his mam was murdered right sebelum him. The line "take me out" could be refrencing the Archduke ferdinand begging the assassins to death him, together he doesn"t want to live without his beloved wife.

Reception/Music Video

Upon release, the track reached numberi three on both the Modern batu Tracks chart and UK Singles Chart. It ranked mageri 66 on the Billboard warm 100 and reached number seven top top the Canadian Singles Chart. The song juga later showed up on several peak lists indigenous NME, Q and Rolling Stone magazine.

The music video clip was command by jonas Odell. The video clip features the band in an computer animation filled with vintage numbers in a Dadaist style, i beg your pardon is comparable to the animated shorts from Monthy Python. Alex Kapranos claimed that the video clip shows clear influences of Dada, and the films Busby Berkeley, and old uni soviet Union propaganda. Alex stated: »Basically it"s a pop video and it need to entertain you, however not just once – there"re particular things you rigid at in life the is just fascinating to look at prefer a fish tank or an open fire, they"re actually quite an easy things but there"s something fascinating around them.

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And also I think popular music videos have to be prefer that too. There must be something there that hanya makes you desire to come back and look in ~ it.”