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Maumere da gale kota ende Pepin gisong gasong Le"le luk ele rebin haMaumere da gale town endePepin gisong gasongLe"le luk ele rebin haLa le le luk silakan solMi fa mi fa solLe"le tiding fa faRebing mude miDo perform do do mi execute mi do gemu fa mi reEle le ele leLa le le luk silakan solMi fa mi fa solLe"le tiding fa faRebing mude miDo execute do do mi execute mi perform gemu fa mi re Maumere da gale kota endePepin gisong gasongLe"le luk ele rebin haMaumere da gale kota endePepin gisong gasongLe"le luk ele rebin haPutar setelah kiri eNona manis putarlah nanti kiriKe kiri usai kiri ke kiri dan usai kiri ke kiri setelah kiri usai kiri manis eSekarang kanan eNona manis putarlah nanti kananKe kanan setelah kanan ke kanan dan ke kanan nanti kanan usai kanan setelah kanan manis e
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