As we all know, primogems space the currency tangan kedua in Genshin dampak to wish for characters and weapons. There’s only one point all Genshin players know, we obtain primogems at a very, an extremely slow rate.

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If you perform dailies every day because that a month (30 days), you earn 1,800 primogems. That is very low. 1,800 primogems is only sufficient to carry out one 10 traction or 11 single summons. Considering the perbandingan of pulling a 5-star character/ hero is really low, this way you have to save up because that a long time to gain whoever or everything it is friend want. Because that a free-to-play player this is really negative because it method that you have to skip many banners come ensure girlfriend can obtain the one person or weapon girlfriend want.

Now this is wherein the Blessing of the Welkin bulan comes to help. The blessing pengeluaran $5 USD and it terakhir for 30 days. Each day it is aktif you will receive 90 primogems top top logging in. This method that you will obtain 2,700 primogems in the expectations of 30 days.

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This is an excellent because every month girlfriend will acquire the 1,800 plus the 2,700 primogems, membuat saving increase a small easier and quicker. The blessing is stackable, but only up to six passes at once, equaling come 180 aku of the blessing. Execute keep in mind that if you perform buy multiple passe, it will certainly only extend the numberi of hari that you get the blessing. (EX: If friend buy two passes at the very same time, that method that you have 60 days where you will obtain 90 primogems. It does not average that each day friend will receive two blessing which would equal 180 primogems.)

I forgot to mention that every time you buy the pass, you instantly receive 300 genesis crystals, which you can convert to 300 primogems. This means that every time girlfriend buy a brand-new pass, up to a maksimum of 6 times, you will obtain 300 genesis crystals immediately. (If you buy all 6 passes at once you will receive 1,800 genesis crystals) This is fairly handy come know due to the fact that if you room summoning and are in require of a couple of more primogems, friend can hanya buy the pass and receive 300 genesis crystals. Ns say this since the $5 USD primogem pack comes through 330 primogems, so ketika you execute receive 30 less primogems, you perform in return obtain 30 aku of 90 primogems. This to me suara like a much far better deal. Now, is the Blessing of the Welkin worth it? This is purely up to you. If you think receiving the extra 90 primogems every job is precious the $5 USD, kemudian go because that it. If you don’t think it is worth it or you nothing really treatment for itu extra primogems, kemudian don’t to buy the pass. My one thing to always remember is that just by the Blessing that the Welkin if you space COMMITED to playing the game, otherwise it will just be a waste.