After tired day the work, You definitely need a comfortable place to refresh your mind. Inul Vizta family Karaoke is most likely the right solution of household entertainment in Batam. Particularly for itu of you who are choose to sing and gantung out through friends, relatives and family. Inul Vizta established by Indonesian singer Inul Daratista in 2005 and also now has countless outlets in Indonesia. Batam into its 50th outlet in Indonesia.

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Inul Vizta positioned to it is in a trendy household karaoke and also selebizz. This family karaoke is targeted to fulfill the tastes of the middle class metropolis that likes singing, menggantung out together, and partying on the place and the setting fun, convenient, courteous, but with affordable cost.

This household karaoke is strategically located, in ~ two large malls in Batam, Inul Vizta I, at complex Nagoya Hill Superblock Block H 12B – 16 and Inul Vizta II in rumit Commercial Kepri shopping center No. 3-5. Inul Vizta operates native 11 afternoon until 02 am. Inul Vizta carry out room category which consists of kecil room for 4 setiap orang capacity, median room because that a capacity of 7-9 people, besar room because that 10-12 people, a luxurious room because that 10-12 persons capacity, capacity cantik room for 20-25 people, and VVIP room because that 25-30 orang capacity. A comfortable room, through a soft and also comfort sofa, attractive light of the room, ukurannya besar television screen, high quality microphone are noted here. Inul Vizta juga provide a computerized system melihat the qwerty remote or the touch display system v a basic display, untuk membuat it easier for client to pick the songs. Collection of lagu ranging from Indonesia, Western, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, regional, children song and also spiritual & religious song. Berbisa collection of lagu-lagu reached 80,000 songs. Tambahan equipped v an audio system that produces stereo sound and also comes through a an effective vocal effects.

In addition, Inul Vizta juga provides menu of food and also drinks directly processed in the kitchen Inul Vizta. Here, customers deserve to enjoy a variety of menu options, ranging from foreign tastes, Chinese food, juga tastefully Indonesia at berbeda prices. Services are easily accessible directly indigenous the karaoke room for this reason the waiter can directly involved the karaoke room to pick up food and drink orders. Lobby v comfortable sofas, WIFI facilities, and besar parking facilities are juga being offline Inul Vizta. Senang karaoke and freshen up!



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