This bertemu is being terawat in person in the City commission Chamber. Publik comments can be make in person at the pertemuan OR it is registered in composing to the City clerk no later on than 4:30 pm on November 1, 2021, via email to jfletcher or by fax to (575) 397-9334. The meeting can be also viewed via livestream in ~


This pertemuan is being dipegang in orang in the City board of directors Chamber. Public comments can be do in person at the pertemuan OR submitted in composing to the City clerk no later on than 4:30 afternoon on October 25, 2021, via email to jfletcher or by fax come (575) 397-9334. The pertemuan can be juga viewed via livestream at


This pertemuan is being terawat in person in the City the supervisory board Chamber. Public comments have the right to be make in person at the bertemu OR submitted in creating to the City clerk no later than 4:30 afternoon on October 18, 2021, via email to jfletcher or by fax come (575) 397-9334. The bertemu can be tambahan viewed via livestream in ~


Hobbs Express to Continue penangguhan of green Route because of COVID-19

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Press release (.pdf)


Barry Young Announced as Hobbs api Chief

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Press melepaskan (.pdf)


2021 school Zone Flashers & school Calendar

Flasher waktu (.pdf)

School Calendar (.pdf)


2021 yearly Large artikel Pickup

Please to read the press release around this year"s Large item Pickup.

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2020 consumer Confidence Report

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Report (.pdf)

Liquor License regeneration Fees the $250 Waived because that FY 21-22

Dear City of Hobbs Liquor Licensees:

At terakhir night’s secara teratur Commission meeting, the Hobbs City Commission poll to menyetujui a momentary waiver of the City’s yearly liquor license rebirth fee that $250.00 because that FY 21-22 for all existing liquor license holders. This usul was embraced in an effort to remain company friendly and also afford part relief come the restaurant and batang industry which was severely affected by the State’s COVID-19 restrictions.

This temporary waiver expires June 1, 2022, and also is valid because that existing patent holders only. Applicants because that a new license or transfer of an existing license space excluded indigenous this waiver and also will be compelled to salary the crucial fees.

All patent holders must be in good standing with the State of brand-new Mexico alcohol addict Beverage Control and also possess a precious State approve license. Please carry out a copy of her State patent to the City Clerk’s Office and also receive your City liquor patent at no charge.

Thank you.


We need Your Input!

We need your input! The City that Hobbs is currently conducting a feasibility untuk mempelajari at our seasonal pools and also splash pads. Pintu masuk from the publik is critical part the this feasibility study. If you have actually previously visited any kind of of our pools, we hope you will consider taking the time to complete a very short twelve question survey to assist in our efforts to continue to administer aquatics infrastructure that our residents enjoy using. We appreciate your input! thank you!

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Survey ›

LEDA restore Grant

The new Mexico legislative passed regulation aimed at help businesses recuperate from the pandemic, including this LEDA restore Grant! House bill 11 set aside $200,000,000 in funds to “…provide grants to certain businesses for reimbursement the rent, lease and mortgage payments....”

Businesses mungkin qualify for approximately $100,000 under this program. The application portal will be opening an extremely soon. The webinar, set for lanjut Thursday, 5/6, at 10:30 AM, will cover whatever from how and also where to use to eligibility requirements and everything in between.

Public an alert - Lodgers" Tax

In an effort to educate the public about the ordinances and also laws of the City, us are providing the complying with information because that every seller who is furnishing any lodgings within the Hobbs City limits to comply with section 3.08.1140 the the Hobbs Municipal Code. A seller is explained as:

“Any rakyat furnishing lodgings in the exercise of the taxable business of lodging.”

The Lodgers’ taxes to it is in paid for renting any kind of taxable promises dimaksudkan untuk be lima (5) percent of pistol Taxable Rent for lodging paid to Vendors. A Taxable Premise is identified as:

“A hotel, apartment, apartment hotel, apartment house, lodge, lodging house, rooming house, motor hotel, guest house, guest ranch, ranch resort, guestresort, mobile home, engine court, auto court, auto camp, trailer court, trailer camp, trailer park, traveler camp, cabin or various other premises digunakan for lodging.”

If you have particular questions if Lodgers’ tax fees are required for you, please call City room at 397-9200.

Rent Help

New Mexico, execute you need rental mobil assistance?

The state of new Mexico will menganugerahkan $170M of federatif aid to brand-new Mexicans for rental and utility asisten to households experiencing financial hardship because of the COVID-19 outbreak.



City Manager"s annual Report 2020


Attached is the City Manager"s yearly Report native the months of januari through December, 2020, to administer general and performance information to the City Commission and the public on programs and services detailed by the City. The data is compiled internally by every department/division because that the purpose of improviing services, responsible budgeting and also enhancing transparency in regional government. I hope you discover this report helpful and informative ~ above the kemajuan of the City.

2020 Report (.pdf)

To check out previous City Manager reports (both monthly and annual),

2021 service Registration Renewals - past DUE

Business it is registered renewals because that calendar tahun 2021 are currently past due. Renewals might be paid virtual here: (Citizens" diri sendiri Service)or through telephone at (575) 397-9200. We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

All businesses located within Hobbs city borders are forced to have a new Mexico gross receipts tax mageri AND acquire a organization registration each calendar year. If your service is no longer in operation, please call the City Clerk’s office come cancel your organization registration

Businesses that are involved in mobile activity, momentary vendors, and also secondhand dealers (businesses selling digunakan merchandise) are juga required to attain an sesuai license.

If you have actually questions or need added information, please call the Clerk"s Office at (575) 397-9200.

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COVID-Safe methods Certification program now easily accessible to new Mexico Businesses

Upon completion of the mendidik modules, businesses will certainly be awarded special recognition. Businesses can kemudian display the “NM safe Certified” yg berhubung dgn lambang on milik mereka website or storefront to show visitors and residents the is equipped to sell safe and also responsible company in a COVID-positive world.

"This program is an opportunity for the new Mexico business masyarakat to position brand-new Mexico together a leader for COVID-safe methods as businesses begin to reopen," room Secretary Jen Paul Schroer said. "The travel Department is cursed to sustaining programs and also initiatives that help tourism businesses membuat safe and also responsible settings for everyone."

"We want businesses to know they space not alone in adjusting to the brand-new environment and also we desire customers to recognize they can feel confident about visiting businesses in a COVID-positive world," NMSAE executive Director Jason Espinoza said. "The programme trains brand-new Mexico enterprise in the state’s COVID-Safe methods to help ensure all of us - customers, employees, and also families - continue to be safe as brand-new Mexico reopens for business and also recreation."