brand-new MATTE DIAMOND framework

The tubuh is diamond-shaped, emerged to carry out optimal weight and also balance kapan driving.

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Exciting endure 150cc PGM-FI DOHC 4-speed ROLLER ROCKER arm engine manages the engine power well with 6 gearboxes responding to any kind of acceleration.



The new style through a short cement pipe fitted to the engine help to concentrate the force at the center more evenly.



Engine mechanism Bore and Stroke Displacement Fuel mechanism Fuel type Ignition mechanism final Drive type Clutch device Starter mechanism Compression proportion Engine Oil volume infection Oil instead of Gearshift pattern (Primary Reduction/Final Reduction) gear Ratio : first gear radio : 2nd equipment radio : 3rd equipment radio : fourth
4-stroke / single-cylinder / DOHC / Liquid
57.300 x 57.843 mm
Programed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
Full Transisterized
Chain Drive
Multiplate Wet Clutch
Self starter
11.3 : 1

Wheelbase weight soil Clearance chair High Fuel Tank Caster Angle/Trail Frame form Battery
822 x 1,973 x 1,053 mm
124 Kg (Curb)
139 mm
802 mm
8.5 L
Diamond Type

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Tire dimension Front Tire dimension Rear front Brake behind Brake Tire form memegang Front penangguhan Rear
110/70R-17M/C 54H
150/60R-17M/C 66H
Hydraulic​ solitary Disk, external Diameter 296 mm
Hydraulic solitary Disk, exterior Diameter 220 mm
Mono Type