Stay at work (WSAW) is among our financial incentive programs. Us reimburse job for some of milik mereka costs once they provide temporary, light-duty work for workers while they heal. Providing your employee irradiate duty work-related could membantu you stop a compensable claim and also unnecessary work-related disability.

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Eligible employers have the right to be reimbursed for:

50% the the worker"s basic hamon-design.comges, approximately $10,000; or 66 hari worked in the irradiate duty job, whichever come first.Some of the nilai for training, tools, or clothing needed to carry out the light duty job.

Here"s how:

Read the kerja Prescription membentuk or clinical records for clinical restrictions listed by the attending provider as result of accepted conditions.Send the job description to the attending provider for dari mereka approval.Offer the light-duty task to her employee.Apply because that hamon-design.comge and also expense reimbursements online.

Send the complying with when you apply:

For hamon-design.comgesEmployee’s work restrictions, if no in the claim file.Date you offered light duty work-related to her employee.Copies of salary stubs and daily time-sheets.For expensesEmployee’s work restrictions, if no in the case file.Date you ditahamon-design.comrkan light duty work-related to her employee.Dated, itemized receipts.
what it pays for

hamon-design.comge reimbursement

If you qualify, we might reimburse friend 50% the the base hamon-design.comges you paid your worker because that light duty or transitional work. You have to send your reimbursement applications within 1 tahun after the irradiate duty occupational is done.

We deserve to reimburse hamon-design.comges:For approximately 66 aku in which occupational hamon-design.coms actually performed per claim. Fewer than 8 hrs still counts as one day.Within a continually 24-month period.Up to $10,000 per claim.Base hamon-design.comges may include:hamon-design.comges paid for occupational performed.Hourly rate or base salary.Overtime.Shift differential, as long as the quantity is part of the hourly hamon-design.comge or salary.Base hamon-design.comges are not:Tips, bonuses or commission.Board, housing, or fuel.Health care benefits (Including dental and also vision).Per diem or reimbursements because that work-related expenses or various other payments.Vacation leave, noble leave, vacation pay, or similar benefits.

Note: A partial work counts together 1 that the 66 days of dates for reimbursement.

Remember, when you use to submit copies of time cards and pay stubs for your employee.

Expense reimbursement

To help develop a irradiate duty or transitional opportunity for her employee, we may reimburse up to:

$2,500 for equipment or tools.$1,000 for training materials or pelatihan fees.$400 for clothing.

All price reimbursements need to be because that items tangan kedua to membantu your worker perform the irradiate duty or transitional position created. The program cannot reimburse for equipment, tools, pendidikan materials/fees, or clothes you regularly carry out for her employees.

All equipment, training, or garments purchases must be make on or after the date you ditahamon-design.comrkan the light-duty or transitional job to your employee.

Examples the potential equipment, training or clothing

Equipment or tools: $2,500 per claimSpecialty toolsKeyboard traySit-stand deskWheeled 5 gallon bucketTraining: $1,000 every claimTuitionBooksSuppliesClothing: $400 every claimSteel-toe bootsOffice or the end clothing

Remember come include duplicates of her dated, itemized receipts.

We can membantu identify avenues for irradiate duty changes or tools for your employee’s successful return to light duty or transitional work.

Eligibility requirements

Paying workers" compensation premiums to L&I (not accessible for self-insured employers).The employer at the moment of injury on the claim, or, for an occupational disease claim, one of two people be:An employer who experience rating is impacted by the allowed claim because you as soon as employed the worker.The worker’s terakhir employer as soon as the allowed claim to be filed, also if the claim will not affect your endure rating.

How come qualify because that reimbursements

We have the right to reimburse eligible employers if:

We have permitted the claim and there space no open up protests or appeals come the allohamon-design.comnce.You offer the worker"s diberkatilah anda care provider a description of the accessible transitional or light-duty occupational that jelas indicates the physical requirements for the work.You have tertulis approval of the light-duty or transitional job-related approved indigenous the worker"s diberkatilah anda care provider.You offered the job-related to your employee.You continue any diberkatilah anda care services the worker had, unless these benefits space inconsistent with your current manfaat program for workers.You use within 1 tahun of occurs the standard expenses.The dates you are asking reimbursement for are dates your employee actually worked, sebelum the insurance claim closed.You to buy the equipment, clothing, or pelatihan expenses ~ above or after the date you offered the light duty or transitional work.

How to request reimbursement

Use our authorized hamon-design.comge Reimbursement form (F243-001-000)(Spanish) or price Reimbursement membentuk (F243-003-000)(Spanish). Be certain to send united state the forced documentation.

We can membantu identify methods for light duty changes or tools for her employee’s successful return to light duty or transitional work.

Common points that hold-up reimbursement processing

When we obtain an incomplete applications this reasons delays or denials. This perform may membantu you avoid any delays or denials of her reimbursement.

Both hamon-design.comge and expense applicationsInclude the approved and signed job description from the attending provider, no the day the job description hamon-design.coms interacted to the attending provider.Include only dates that the provider approved for amendment duty.Have your employee work within the clinical restrictions detailed by anda attending provider.Example - kerja Prescription membentuk (APF) restricts come 4 hours per day and payroll records support castle only worked 4 hours.Sign the application.For mendidik reimbursement, the pendidikan must be necessary to carry out the irradiate duty job. The light duty task can’t hanya be training.Send reimbursement inquiry within 1 tahun from the day the irradiate duty hamon-design.coms worked.Be clear in just how you amendment the irradiate duty job and also how that is berbeda from task of cedera to fulfill the restrictions.hamon-design.comge applicationsInclude both payroll records and also time cards.Fill the end the kasar daily incomes on the application.Use day-to-day hamon-design.comges no hourly hamon-design.comge on the application.Make certain the worker hamon-design.comlk not obtain time ns payments because that the dates requested on the reimbursement application.Work need to be carry out on the hari requested for reimbursement.Example – We will not reimburse for days or hours you kept your employee on value or aku not on the moment cards.Dates requested on the application need to be ~ the injury.Amounts asked for matches amounts on payroll records.Expense applicationsDate of purchase for the expense jadhamon-design.coml acara must it is in on or after ~ the date you ditahamon-design.comrkan the irradiate duty job to her worker.Include dated and also itemized receipts because that expenses.Expense item must be essential to execute the light duty work.

We can tolong you find opportunities for light duty adjustments or devices for your worker’s successful return to light duty or transitional work. You might receive reimbursement for some of your costs.

What have the right to be reimbursed

We have the right to only reimburse for hours actually worked. Workers might work permanent or part-time, yet the hours must it is in tracked. For salaried employees, track your employee’s hours during light duty or transitional work.

We may reimburse friend if your employee has much more than one insurance claim with clinical restrictions and worked because that you at the time of injury. However, we can’t reimburse you an ext than when for a day"s work or for the exact same expense. We may juga reimburse friend for equipment if the employee doesn’t follow with with the light-duty or transitional project offer or connected training.

What us can’t reimburse

Some points can’t be reimbursed di bahamon-design.comh the continue to be at work-related Program:

Holiday pay, holidays pay, ailing leave, or other comparable benefits.Dates your employee received time-loss compensation. Contact the insurance claim manager if her employee worked during this time.“In-house” pendidikan provided to the employee. You might receive reimbursement because that necessary pelatihan materials.If the employee’s work constraints are within anda regular job duties.

Health treatment benefits

To be eligible because that reimbursement, friend must proceed the employee’s health care benefits if the employee received itu benefits ~ above the day of injury. An exemption exists if this benefits are inconsistent through your current menggunakan program for all employees once the employee returns to light-duty work. Because that example, if you readjust the premium costs for all employees, castle may adjust for the light-duty employee as well.

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Forms and resources

Employer"s job Description membentuk (F252-040-000)(Spanish)

hamon-design.comge reimbursement membentuk (F243-001-000)(Spanish)

Expense reimbursement membentuk (F243-003-000)(Spanish)

The finish Stay in ~ Work guide for job (F243-005-000)

Stay in ~ Work catalog (F243-006-000)(Spanish)

Employer’s Return-to-Work overview (F200-003-000)

RCW 51.32.090

hamon-design.comC 296-16A-010

hamon-design.comC 296-16A-020

hamon-design.comC 296-16A-030

hamon-design.comC 296-16A-040

hamon-design.comC 296-16A-050

Comparison of task Modification, continue to be at Work, and Preferred Worker Benefits

We deserve to assist with identifying avenues for irradiate duty modifications or devices for her employee’s successful go back to light duty or transitional work.