If you ever leave me baby,Leave some morphine at my door`Cause the would take a entirety lot the medicationTo realize what we digunakan to have,We don`t have it anymore.There`s no faith that bisa save meNo matter exactly how long my knees room on the floorOooh so save in mind all the sacrifices I`m makin`Will store you by mine sideWill save you indigenous walkin` out the door.Cause there`ll be no sunlightif I lose you, babyThere`ll be no clean skiesif I lose you, babyJust prefer the clouds my eye will carry out the same, if you walk awayEveryday it will certainly rainI`ll tidak pernah be your mother`s favoriteYour daddy can`t even look me in the eyeOooh if i was in their shoes, I`d it is in doing the very same thingSayin over there goes my little girlwalkin` with that difficult guyBut they`re just afraid of something they can`t understandOooh but little darlin` clock me change their mindsYea for you I`ll try I`ll try I`ll try I`ll tryI`ll choose up these damaged pieces `til I`m bleedingIf that`ll make girlfriend mineCause there`ll be no sunlightif I lose you, babyThere`ll it is in no clear skiesif I shed you, babyJust like the cloudsMy eye will perform the very same if you berjalan awayEveryday it will certainly rainDon`t girlfriend say, goodbyeDon`t girlfriend say, goodbyeI`ll pick up these damaged pieces `til I`m bleedingIf that`ll make the rightCause there`ll it is in no much more sunlightif I shed you, babyThere`ll it is in no clean skiesif I lose you, babyJust prefer the cloudsMy eyes will perform the very same if you berjalan awayEveryday it will rain, rain, rain

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