KAPASITAS tindakan INDONESIA sebagai ANGGOTA tidak TETAP DEWAN kerahasiaan PBB di dalam PENANGANAN melecehkan PERUBAHAN penginapan GLOBAL

Climate readjust is a serious difficulty that threatens kemanusiaan in the world, and also this can be categorized together a non-traditional security problem known as manusia security. Climate change in the world is significant by the rise in the temperature the the earth"s air and also rising sea levels due to the melting of ice cream in the polar regions. This problem will cause catastrophes both organic disasters kemudian as drought and forest fires, and also non-natural disasters sebagai as conflicts and epidemics, i m sorry will at some point threaten world peace and security. In january 2019, Indonesia to be officially elected as a non-permanent member the the UN protection Council. The choice of Indonesia is proof of the confidence of the international masyarakat in Indonesia"s diplomatic capabilities. Indonesia will lug out its duty as a non-permanent member of the UN protection Council for two years, native 1 january 2019 come 31 December 2020. Through its position as a non-permanent member the the UN security Council, Indonesia is supposed to be proactively involved in efforts to tackle climate change. Based on this, in this paper, the writer will advanced the topic of "The Legal volume of Indonesia together a Non-Permanent Member the the UN protection Council in Handling worldwide Climate change Issues”.

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