CommuterLine. Luckily the company made an notice on the terakhir schedule on every lines. You have the right to make prediction based on the schedules

It will certainly be good for who that typically commutes at least in two lines and also looking for the terakhir schedules

Red Line

Jakarta kota – Bogor : 23:45Bogor – Jakarta kota : 21:47

Blue Line

Jakarta kota – Bekasi : 23:35Bekasi – Jakarta kota : 22:15

Yellow Line

Jatinegara – Bogor : 23:00Bogor – Jatinegara : 20:10Angke – Nambo : 16:46Nambo – Angke : 17:05

Brown Line

Duri – Tangerang : 23:45Tangerang – duri : 22:30

Green Line

Tanah abang – Serpong : 20:50Tanah abang – Parungpanjang : 23:30Tanah gelandangan – Maja : 21:15Tanah abang – Rangkasbitung: 21:45Rangkasbitung – tanah Abang: 20:40Maja – negara Abang: 21:50Parungpanjang – negara Abang: 20: 30Serpong – negara Abang: 20:20

Pink Line

Jakarta town – Tanjung Priok: 18:25Jakarta kota – Kampung Bandan : 21:55Tanjung Priok – champa Kota: 19:10Kampung Bandan – Jakarta kota : 22:30

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