The stacked eropa Regional Qualifier will be an intense competition in between the finest Western european Dota 2 groups who are trying come qualify into The global 10.

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The winner that the European regional Qualifier will sign up with Team an enig and Alliance in Valve’s US$40 juta Dota 2 dunia championship.

What is the europe Regional Qualifier?

Credit: Valve

The eropa Regional Qualifier is the last competition for all Western European teams who no earn sufficient DPC points to go into The worldwide 10.

Europe regional Qualifier schedule and results

Credit: Valve

The tournament starts v the top Bracket top top July 7, leading up to the Grand final on July 10.

Here are the sepenuhnya schedule and paling recent results. All waktu and hari are in GMT+8.

(Last to update July 8)

July 7 (Wednesday)

Upper bracket — Team Nigma 2 — 1 Hellbear SmashersUpper parentheses — 1 — 2 OGUpper parentheses — Tundra Esports 2 — 0 BrameLower parentheses — Chicken battle aircraft 2 — 0 No Bounty HunterLower bracket — Into the Breach 2 — 0 Hippomaniacs

July 8 (Thursday)

Upper parentheses — Spider Pigzs 1 — 2 Team LiquidLower bracket — Hellbear Smashes 2 — 1 Ghost FrogsLower clip — 0 — 2 Chicken FightersLower parentheses — Brame 1 — 2 into The BreachLower bracket — Hellbear Smashers 0 — 2 Chicken FightersLower parentheses — Spider Pigzs 2 — 1 Team bald Reborn

July 9 (Friday)

Lower clip — Spider Pigzs 2 — 1 into The BreachUpper clip — Tundra Esports 2 — 0 Team LiquidUpper bracket — OG 2 — 1 Team NigmaLower bracket — Team fluid 2 — 1 Chicken FightersLower parentheses — Team Nigma 2 — 0 Spider PigzsUpper Bracket last — OG 0 — 2 Tundra Esports

July 10 (Saturday)

Lower bracket Semifinal — Team liquid 1 — 2 Team NigmaLower Bracket final — Team Nigma 1 — 2 OGGrand final — Tundra Esports 2 — 3 OG

Format the the regional Qualifiers

Credit: Valve

14 teams will contend in a double-elimination bracket, with all matches played in a best-of-three format, except for the Grand last which will be a best-of-five series.

Teams the made it right into the eropa Regional Qualifier through DPC Season

Credit: WePlay Esports

All the teams that participated in DPC Season 2 that did no qualify because that TI10 dulu invited come the europe Regional Qualifier, detailed that castle did no replace more than two players at the finish of the local League competition.

The groups are juga seeded based on milik mereka DPC Point berbisa followed by dari mereka standing in DPC Season 2.

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Upper division teams

Team Nigma Team fluid Tundra Esports OG Brame Hellbear Smashers

Lower department teams Spider Pigzs Ghost Frogs Team bald Reborn right into The Breach No Bounty Hunter Chicken fighters Hippomaniacs

Where to clock the eropa Regional Qualifier

Credit: BeyondTheSummit

Dota 2 fans have the right to watch the matches live ~ above BeyondTheSummit’s Twitch channel.