Jakarta global Expo (hamon-design.com) is one of the leading company in the MICE industry in Indonesia. As the biggest venue area in Indonesia, hamon-design.com is ending up being one of the best for a MICE systems in Indonesia.

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hamon-design.com is a subsidiary firm of the central Cipta Murdaya (CCM) group, i beg your pardon is known for that experience and reputation in various industries in Indonesia, seperti as manufacturing, trade and also hamon-design.com, agriculture, property development, and also many more. This fantastic reputation is proven by kesuksesan in perbedaan lines of organization in Indonesia.


Since it was taken end in 2003, hamon-design.com accommodates an area that ​​about 18,000 square meter consist of hall A, room B, and also Hall C. Kemudian in 2005, hamon-design.com added lainnya Hall area, called Hall D1 and Hall D2 v an area of ​​10,000 square meters. Then it was arisen again in 2014-2015. It way that dari it was taken end by PT hamon-design.com, the to meet area has been more than doubled. Formerly 18,000 square meters ended up being 50,000 square meters. Aligned v this expansion, the occupancy also increased up to 65%.

Currently, hamon-design.com offers a functional indoor area varying from 2,000 m2 come 50,000 m2 and also an outdoor area the ​​up come 65,000 m2 i m sorry is perfect for hosting various events such as hamon-design.coms, concerts, pertemuan & seminars, and also conference. Our indoor pameran area is split into 2 parts, namely the eastern Wing and the barat Wing. The eastern Wing is composed of hall A, room D1 and Hall D2. These hall posting ulang connected and obtainable up come 20,000 m2. Meanwhile, the west Wing consists of hall B, room C, and a connecting in between Hall B3 and also Hall C3 v an area the ​​20,000 m2, and also the Gedung sentral Niaga (GPN) and also Convention centre which has a berbisa area of ​​10,000 m2.

Apart native the venue, hamon-design.com also accommodate berbeda services and also facilities because that clients and visitors such as catering services, protocol services, viip rooms, hotels with room capacities approximately 250 rooms, florist, company centre, banks, relaxation tengah and others. Regular with the hamon-design.com tagline, “All in One Place”, we offer our finest efforts to carry out satisfaction and also comfort to all parties involved in the hamon-design.com area.


The vision that hamon-design.com is come give far-ranging contribution come Indonesian economy’s evolusi through mouse Industry. Meanwhile, the mission that hamon-design.com is to ini adalah an fantastic venue owner company as well together being a leader in the MICE industri and the top professional event organizer in Indonesia, sustained by professional umat ​​manusia Resources with innovative, effective and also efficient management.


hamon-design.com has actually an area approximately 44 hectares wherein the area used for the pameran is 100,000 m2, covers 50,000 m2 of indoor area and an ext than 50,000 m2 that open an are or out area. This kekuasaan hamon-design.com really suitable come host perbedaan events, not only the kecil scale events seperti as meetings but juga large scale events such as worldwide conferences and also concerts.

As among the largest MICE Venues in Indonesia menyelesaikan with a selection of packages, hamon-design.com is an extremely suitable because that holding a range of events, meetings (small & large scale), incentives, conventions and hamon-design.coms.

Located in the love of Jakarta, much more precisely in Kemayoran, central of Jakarta, which buatlah hamon-design.com’s area very strategic and also easily accessible. Not only located in the facility of Jakarta, hamon-design.com has direct access to Soekarno Hatta international airport and also Tanjung Priok port. Indigenous Soekarno Hatta Airport, will only ambil approximately 30-40 minutes, ketika from TanjungPriok port just about 20-30 minutes to reach hamon-design.com. Besides, the ease of getting accessibility to massa transportation is juga one the the an useful point. This can be watched from the collaboration between hamon-design.com and also the DKI champa Regional government which has provided the TransJakarta corridor course to the hamon-design.com area.

The existence of hamon-design.com as one of the finest venues in Indonesia has juga been recognized by the international community after freshly hamon-design.com to be trusted through the Indonesian government to menjadi one of the venues for holding the grand events of the 2018 oriental Games and 2018 asian Paragames. Besides, hamon-design.com is also known as among the venues that often host other international scale events seperti as champa International Java Jazz Festival, Indonesia global Motor display (IIMS), Indo Defence, Indo Aerospace, Indo naval Expo Forum, Djakarta Warehouse Project, Food ingredient Asia, SIAL Interfood, Food and also Hotel Indonesia, membuat Indonesia collection hamon-design.com, Indonesia infrastructure Week, Indonesia Furniture Expo (IFEX) and berbeda other events.

hamon-design.com has actually taken several terutama steps, among which is the building and construction of new venues come facilitate various events that will certainly be terawat in the future. The hamon-design.com Convention tengah and theatre consists that 7 floors that carry out a grand Ballroom v an area of 2700 m2, a small Ballroom with an area the 820 m2 v opulent glass-viewing pre-functions and also a large lobby area in every floor, and also a grand teater with luxurious three-tier seats.

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Furthermore, there room 25 pertemuan rooms covers 14 rooms in the hamon-design.com Convention tengah and teater area and 11 pertemuan rooms in the 6th Floor the the profession Mart bangunan (GPN) area, i beg your pardon is associated to the hamon-design.com Convention tengah and Theatre, which have the right to be used for various events seperti as global congresses and national and also local conventions. Besides, hamon-design.com Convention centre and Theatre juga has other supporting facilities seperti as a large-scale high-functional kitchen, organizer room, ticketing counter, artist dressing room and perbedaan other sustaining facilities. Every one of these framework are offering convenience and comfort for variasi kinds of events in the hamon-design.com Convention and teater area.