Let’s satisfy The Cutest We gained Married pair or far better Known as The Bbyu Couple: BTOB’s Sungjae and Red Velvet’s Joy

Red Velvet’s Joy and also BTOB’s Sungje were a virtual couple on the reality present We obtained Married, or abbreviated as WGM. At that time, they menjadi among the youngest couples in the program, due to the fact that Sungjae to be born in 1995 and Joy was born in 1996. Both of them space singers from well known idol groups. Sungjae is native the boy team BTOB dibawah Cube Entertainment, kapan Joy comes from the girl group Red Velvet under SM Entertainment.

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Both of lock actually had actually very great chemistry as a couple, “husband and wife,” produksi them look like an actual couple. Moreover, the two popular K-Pop idol members recently released a tune with a music video titled “Young Love” which also features sweet interactions between the two of them.

In this article, hamon-design.com will provide you through a outline of everything about The Bbyu couple and maafkan saya happened with them in milik mereka real life. Space they date in actual life or not? If you desire to know, don’t skip this article!

Sungjae and Joy’s Romantic moments in We gained Married


Yook Sungjae and Joy meet for the an initial time. (WGM Season 4 ilustrasi 276, aired ~ above June 20th, 2015)


Sungjae and Joy have actually a jalan date. (WGM Season 4 episode 278, aired ~ above July 4th, 2015)


Sungjae and Joy move into dari mereka new home. (WGM Season 4 episode 280, aired top top July 18th, 2015)

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Sungjae and Joy memory Chuseok. (WGM Season 4 episode 290, aired ~ above September 26th, 2015)

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Sungjae and Joy have their wedding ceremony. (WGM Season 4 ilustrasi 296, aired ~ above November 21st, 2015)


Joy sent a video Message to Sungjae


Joy and Sungjae it seems to be ~ to have actually remained close, even after anda part in the We acquired Married program ended.

Sungjae starred in Oppa Thinking on respectable 7th. In the episode, Red Velvet‘s joy “appeared” ~ above the show, together she sent out a video message. She revealed the advice Sungjae provided her throughout We acquired Married. Delight said, “It to be my very first time participating in a range show, so i didn’t understand a lot of about apa I required to do, but Sungjae told me, ‘You’re someone through your own great vibes. Girlfriend don’t have to try too difficult to impress everyone’.”

She continued, “I thought he was really cute come act favor a much older Oppa when he to be actually just one tahun older than me.” Joy also sent her an individual message because that Sungjae, “Our virtual marital relationship may have finished a while ago, yet I’ll always be cheering for you in mine heart. Let’s stay close. Fighting!”

Sungjae kemudian responded come the message, saying, “This is yes, really embarrassing. At the time, I had debuted approximately three to four years prior so i think I wanted to share maafkan saya I currently knew as a sunbae (senior). Joy was incredibly busy kembali then and she was experiencing emotionally, so i told her no to watch tired. Ns told her things like that however now ns don’t recognize why I said that!”

Sungjae and Joy’s Reunion After milik mereka Virtual marital relationship Ended


Sungjae and Joy efficiently made dari mereka fans carried away ketika being a virtual couple on the show We obtained Married. They ultimately reunited in the latest ilustrasi of Sugar Man Season 2 top top Sunday, April 15th, 2018. Sungjae performed together with members the the BTOB vocal unit: Changsub, Eunkwang, and also Hyunsik. When introduced, Park Na-rae handle Sungjae v “Joy’s ex-husband.”

“Actually, we haven’t met again darimana the WGM ended,” Sungjae said. “That’s since we are both really busy and also it’s very difficult to store in touch v each other.” Sungjae and also Joy were kemudian asked to define each the them as they dulu familiar. The star of the drama Goblin succeeded in untuk membuat fans excited by call Joy’s real name, Park Sooyoung.

“Sooyoung…” Sungjae said sebelum being reduced by Park Na-rae. “Sooyoung? Wow!” said Park Na-rae. “She is really innocent and in harmony v her emotions. Setiap orang are honest and also have innocent sides prefer a child,” Sungjae said. “Sungjae Oppa is an adult and also guides me well,” happiness said.

Yoo Jae-seok teased them by saying, “That’s not what she claimed (Joy) when in the waiting room. She dubbed him (Sungjae) weird,” he said. “That’s since Sungjae’s nickname is ‘Yook Jal Dddo’ which method ‘Yook Sungjae, handsome but weird’,” Park Na-rae said.

Fans flooded footage of Joy and Sungjae’s reunion moment at Sugar Man Season 2 v excited comments. Many menjadi carried away due to the fact that Sungjae still referred to as Joy v her actual name.

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Are Sungjae and also Joy in reality Dating?


Joy and also Sungjae were one of the finest couples to have actually ever appeared on We gained Married. However have you forget them already?! due to anda age, longtime viewers that WGM were unsure, at first, that Sungjae and also Joy together a couple. However they quickly came to be one of the most popular couples early to their innocent style, lover antics, and also obvious chemistry.


They menjadi constantly taking adorable photos and also smiling brightly anytime they were together. Fans started worrying the Sungjae was yes, really falling in love v Joy during the show, based upon how the acted approximately her!


They noticed just how he focused on the the smallest details and was selalu there for joy to membantu her no matter what. Sungjae would certainly constantly be protective of joy and bawa pulang care that her, even helping her to cover her skirt in ~ times!