Ka’bah, the home of Allah a million Muslims longs to visit and be the guest of Allah the creator. Qiblanya (direction) Muslims in performing the prayer, native any negara all prayer worship encountering this mecca.The term Ka"bah is the language that the Qur"an from words "ka"bu" which means "ankle" or wherein the rotating foot moves to move. City 5/6 in the Qur"an describes the term v "Ka"bain" an interpretation "two ankle" and verse 5 / 95-96 include the term "ka"bah" which way real "earth"s eye" or "earth axis" or poles turning utara of the earth.Neil Armstrong has actually proved that the city the Mecca is the facility of the planet Earth. This kebenaran has been investigated through a scientific study.

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When Neil Armstrong because that the first time travel into space and untuk mengambil pictures of the planet Earth, that says, "Planet planet was menggantung in a very dark area, who digantung it?"The astronauts have discovered that the planet is emitting some sort of radiation, officially announcing that on the Internet, but unfortunately that is 21 aku later the website is missing which appears to be a bersembunyi reason behind the removed of the website.


After doing lagi research, it turns out that radiation focused in the city that Mecca, precisely obtained from Ka"Bah. Maafkan saya is how amazing is the the radiation is infinite, which is obvious when they untuk mengambil photos of the planet Mars, the radiation is still continuing.Muslim researchers believe that this radiation has actually characteristics and also links in between Ka"Bah on planet Earth and also the Ka"bah in the afterlife.Makkah facility of the EarthProf. Hussain Kamel discovers a startling fact that Mecca is the center of the earth. At an initial he check a means to recognize the direction of qibla in the large cities the the world.

For this purpose, that draws the present on the map, and also after that he carefully observes the position of the 7 continents in the direction of Mecca and anda respective distances. He started to draw parallel lines only to facilitate the estimate of longitude and latitude.After 2 years of daunting and heavy work, the was aided by computer programs to determine the right distances and berbeda variations, and many various other things. He was amazed by maafkan saya was found, the Mecca to be the facility of the earth.He establish the possibility of drawing a circle v Makkah together its center, and the outline of the circle is the continents. And also at the very same time, the moves bersama with the outer peripheries that the continents. (Al-Arabiyyah magazine, execution 237, respectable 1978).Satellite images, i beg your pardon surfaced later in the 90s, emphasize comparable results as lebih jauh studies result in the topography that the earth"s layers and also the geography of the land"s time was created.It has been a scientifically didirikan theory that earth plates are formed during long geological ages, moving regularly about the Arabian plates. This plates continuously facility on it together if pointing to Makkah.
.jpg" />This scientific belajar is lugged out for different purposes, not intended to prove that Mecca is the facility of the earth. However, this study is published in countless scientific magazines in the West.Allah says in the Qur"an al-Karim as follows:"Thus We have revealed to you the Qur"an in arabic that you warning Umm al-Qura (the warga of Makkah) and also the inhabitants (lands) roughly him ..." (ash-shura: 7)The native "Umm al-Qura" means the mommy of other cities, and the cities about it show Makkah as the facility for various other cities, and others are hanya around it. Moreover, the word ummu (mother) has critical meaning in islamic culture.

As a mom is the resource of heredity, Makkah is juga the resource of all other lands, as explained at the start of this study. In addition, the word "mother" provides Makkah one edge over all various other cities.Makkah or GreenwichBased ~ above the cautious consideration that Mecca lies in the midst of the earth as reinforced by the satellite studies and geologic images, that is truly percaya that the holy City the Makkah, no Greenwich, need to be the reference of the world"s time. This will end the old dispute that started four decades ago.There are many scientific debates to prove the Makkah is a square zero an ar through the holy city, and also it does not pass v Greenwich in England. GMT is enforced on the world when the bulk of nations in the dunia are di bawah British colonies. If the time of Mecca is applied, the is basic for anyone to know the time that prayer.

Makkah is the facility of the heavens

There are numerous verses and hadith nabawi which indicates this fact. Allah says, "O ye and the people, if ye room able to pass with the heavens and also the earth, then cross, ye have the right to not permeate them yet with power." "(Ar-Rahman: 33)The word aqthar is the plural of words "qutr" which method diameter, and also it refers to the heavens and the planet which has many diameters.From this verse and from some heritages it have the right to be construed that the diameter that the heavens is above the diameter of the planet (seven key of the earth). If Mecca is in the middle of the earth, then it method that Mecca is juga in the di antara of the class of the sky.

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In enhancement there is a hadith that says that the grand Mosque in Makkah, wherein the Kaaba is located in the tengah of the seven layers of sky and also seven planet (meaning seven layers of earth forming).