inproceedingsZulkifli2011PolaKD, title=Pola Konsumsi dan Kadar Hemoglobin di ~ Ibu hamil di Kabupaten Maros, Sulawesi Selatan, author=Andi Zulkifli, year=2011Published 2011Medicine

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The Relationship between Food Pattern and Hemoglobin kadarnya in Pregnant women at Maros, south Sulawesi. Food usage pattern is well-known as a determinant variable for nutritional problems amongst pregnant mothers. This belajar was plan to evaluate food consumption and also its partnership to anemia in Maros Districts, Indonesia. This riset was conducted in two sub-districts and pregnant mother was randomly selected (n = 200) and proportionally indigenous both districts. Data was collected by train field… Expand
It is presented that in all kesehatan centers Fe entry of the study sites had far-ranging association through hemoglobin levels of pregnant women and there to be no far-ranging association between the usage of foodstuffs fe facilitating absorption of hemoglobin status of pregnantWomen v anemia. Expand
Pengaruh Konsumsi Sereal Terhadap Perubahan Kadar Hemoglobin diatas Ibu hamil Anemia Di Wilayah pergerakan Puskesmas Sukorame kota Kediri lima 2016
The function of research study is come prove the impact of the intake of cereals to alters in hemoglobin levels in anemic pregnant in Puskesmas Sukorame Kediri 2016, melihat Inferential through this form of Preeksperiment research, with pretest posttest design. Expand
STUDI PERBAIKAN KADAR HEMOGLOBIN IBU hamil ANEMIA menjangkau PEMBERIAN SUPLEMENTASI tablet computer BESI (PROGRAM) DI PUSKESMAS PADONGKO KABUPATEN BARRU riset on Hemoglobin Levels advancement of Anemic Pregnant ladies with offering Iron tablet Supplementation (Program) at neighborhood Health centre Padongko Barru
There is a relationship significantly in between the administrations of steel tablets and also increase hemoglobin levels in anemic pregnant women. Expand
Riwayat paparan pestisida dan kekurangan asupan zat gizi such faktor risiko kejadian anemia di atas ibu hamil di daerah pertanian
The background of pesticide exposure and also lack that nutrient entry (iron and also vitamin C) was risk factor for the incidence of anemia in pregnant females in farming area. Expand
STUDI PERBAIKAN KADAR HEMOGLOBIN IBU hamil ANEMIA mencapai SUPLEMENTASI tablet computer BESI (PROGRAM) DAN ZINK DI PUSKESMAS LISU KABUPATEN BARRU fix Of study Level Haemoglobin that Anaemia Pregnancy mom With Suplementasi Iron tablet (Program) and ZinkIn local Goverment Clinic LisuBarru Regency
It is concluded the repair of kadarnya of haemoglobin that pregnancy mother with suplementation iron tablet (program) and zink has a an interpretation (of) or far-reaching as the repair of effort tingkat of anaemia pregnancy mother. Expand

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There was no far-reaching association between dietary pattern and also food taboo with CED in pregnant women. Expand