Kamus maksimum Bahasa Lampung APK we provide on this halaman is original, direct fetch native Google Store. It is compatible through all android tools (required Android 4.0+) and also can tambahan be may be to download on pc & Mac, you might need one android emulator sebagai as Bluestacks, Andy OS, KOPlayer, Nox application Player, ...

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New features

- Ada Credit/splashscreen- Tambah perbendaharaan kata

App summary (See bahasa inggris translation)

Kamus maksimum Bahasa Lampung merupakan kamus bahasa quận Propinsi Lampung yang sengaja disusun bagi siapapun yang ingin mempelajari kosakata bahasa quenn Lampung. Kamus ini cukup luaran kosakata apa lengkap baik kosakata bahasa Lampung yang diterjemahkan setelah dalam bahasa Indonesia, maupun kosakata bahasa Indonesia apa diterjemahkan nanti dalam bahasa Lampung. Aplikasinya pun terutang ringan dan menyudahi digunakan. Jadi, bagi para pengguna apa sudah menginstall Aplikasi Kamus penuh Bahasa Lampung ini, baik menyertainya kalangan pelajar maupun sosial umum become sangat merasakan manfaat dari aplikasi ini.Pada dasarnya aplikasi Kamus penuh Bahasa Lampung ini, menyediakan fasilitas berupa:1. Terjemahan Bahasa Lampung ke Indonesia apa disusun benar abjad.2. Pandemi Bahasa Indonesia setelah Bahasa Lampung apa disusun pantas abjad.3. Pengertian aksara Lampung, disertai menjangkau penjelasan huruf naskah Lampung, anak huruf naskah Lampung serta tanda tangan baca dalam aksara Lampung.Harapan kami, semoga aplikasi memberikan kerumunan manfaat bagi siapapun yang menggunakannya.
Complete bahasa inggris Dictionary is a dictionary Lampung Lampung an ar are deliberately arranged for anyone who desires to learn vocabulary Lampung. This thesaurus has sufficient well-stocked vocabulary Lampung vocabulary interpreted into Indonesian, Indonesian and vocabulary translated into the language Lampung. Its application is really light and also easy come use. So, for itu users who have actually installed applications complete Dictionary of english Lampung, both among students and also the general public will greatly manfaat from this application.Basically finish Dictionary of english app Lampung, provides facilities such as:1. Language translate in Lampung come Indonesia who are ordered alphabetically.2. Translate into Indonesian to english Lampung space ordered alphabetically.3. An interpretation of proficiency Lampung, attach by one explanation letter alphabet Lampung, Lampung kids alphabet letters and punctuation in script Lampung.Our harapan is the the application provides numerous benefits for itu who usage it.

App Details

Package name: com.linusstudio.kamuslengkapbahasalampungUpdated: 2 years agoCompatibility: Android 4.0+Developer Name: Linus StudioCategory: books & ReferenceFile MD5: A54E03D9432577FDBC42F7EF6D8BFD99File SHA1: 9379408B9A0277C386D380E3AFCA0730E101B040

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Allows applications to open network sockets.Allows applications to accessibility information around networks.


Installation Instructions

Download APK document on this page, then follow these steps:

Step 1: allow Unknown Sources

In your maker Settings page, tap ~ above "Security" or "Applications" (varies through device)Enable "Unknown Sources" permissionConfirm v "OK"

Step 2: Install and also Launch

In her device's "Download" folder, find and tap on the APK fileTap "Install"on the Android Installer screenLaunch the App


What is an APK file?

An APK file is an app created because that Android, Google's mobile operation system. Part apps come pre-installed ~ above Android devices, while other apps have the right to be downloaded from Google Play, or site favor hamon-design.com . Apps downloaded from Google bermain are instantly installed on your device, while itu downloaded from various other sources need to be set up manually.

If ns install one APK native this website, will certainly I be able to update the app from the play Store?

Yes, absolutely. As quickly as the play Store find a version of the app newer 보다 the one you've installed, it will certainly commence one update.

What actions do you take to make certain all APKs room real?

Whenever someone wants to download one APK record from this site, we'll inspect the equivalent APK document on Google bermain and enable user download it directly (of course, we'll cache that on our server). If the APK file does not exist top top Google Play, we'll mencari it in our cache.

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Why can't I tekan the download button? It's grayed the end on my Android device!

Disable any kind of screen-dimming apps, choose Lux or Twilight. For protection reasons, Android will gray out the Install button when an application like that is active.