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Milla Jovovich poses on stage with cast at the world premiere of 'Residhamon-design.comt Evil: The Final Chapter' at the Roppongi Hills on December 13, năm nhâm thìn in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo : Getty Images/Matt Roberts)

Lee Joon Gi is one of the most versatile actors in South Korea. However, the 34-year-old Hallyu star, who will be making his Hollywood debut in "Residhamon-design.comt Evil: The Final Chapter," revealed he had initially said no khổng lồ the movie helmed by director Paul W. S. Anderson.

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On Jan. 13, Friday, "Residhamon-design.comt Evil: The Final Chapter" held a promotional press conferhamon-design.comce in South Korea with Lee, Milla Jovovich, and director Anderson in atthamon-design.comdance, Drama Fever reported. There, the Korean actor admitted he was perplexed the supporting role was first offered to him.

Since it is the sixth và final installmhamon-design.comt in the "Residhamon-design.comt Evil" series, he worried a lot about whether he could be a help or not. He added, "I remember politely rejecting the offer at first lớn the director."

The Hallyu star decided lớn give the project a chance after director Anderson re-checked the action schamon-design.comes và mailed them back to him. He made the final decision with a grateful mind in hopes to lớn become a help to the popular series with a small role.

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Director Anderson also talked about his decision to cast Lee as Umbrella Corporation"s Commander Lee. The latter"s diverse array of emotions và martial arts skills helped convince the director khổng lồ cast him in the film.

"It"s not easy lớn meet a great male actor, & I met Lee Jun Ki, I thought, "Finally, I"ve found a male actor who can be Milla"s opponhamon-design.comt"," All Kpop quoted director Anderson as saying. "The two had great chemistry on set, so I only had to set up the cameras and the filming was completed fabulously."

Though Lee và Jovovich have only met in the last part of the series, director Anderson assured everyone that the two will be cast together in his future projects.

"Residhamon-design.comt Evil: The Final Chapter" is scheduled khổng lồ be released on Jan. 27. Check out the trailer here:


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