The investigation into the crash, which killed all 189 rakyat on board in October, has taken on brand-new relevance together the US persatuan Aviation management and other regulators base the model terakhir week ~ a second deadly accident in Ethiopia.

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Wreckage recovered from Lion Air flight JT610, the crashed into the sea, lies in ~ Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta, Indonesia, October 29, 2018. (Reuters)

Reuters space reporting in an exclusive that the pilots of a doomed Lion air Boeing 737 maksimum scoured a handbook as they struggled to know why the jet to be lurching downwards, but ran the end of time before it struggle the water, three people with pengetahuan of the cockpit suara recorder contents said.

Investigators examining the Indonesian crash space considering exactly how a computer system ordered the airplane to dive in an answer to data indigenous a faulty sensor and even if it is the pilots had actually enough pelatihan to respond appropriately to the emergency, among other factors.

It is the an initial time the suara recorder contents from the Lion Air flight have to be made public.

The 3 sources discussed them on condition of anonymity.

Reuters did not have access to the record or transcript.

A Lion air spokesman claimed all data and also information had actually been provided to investigators and declined come comment further.

"Flight control problem"

The captain was at the controls the Lion Air trip JT610 as soon as the nearly new jet aku mengambilnya off native Jakarta, and also the very first officer was managing the radio, follow to a preliminary report issued in November.

Just 2 minutes right into the flight, the first officer reported a "flight manage problem" to air web traffic control and said the pilots plan to keep an altitude the 5,000 feet, the November report said.

The an initial officer did no specify the problem, yet one resource said airspeed was pointed out on the cockpit suara recording, and also a second source claimed an indicator confirmed a problem on the captain's display however not the first officer's.

The captain request the very first officer to check the rapid reference handbook, which has checklists for abnormal events, the first source said.

For the lanjut nine minutes, the jet warned pilots it remained in a stall and pushed the nose down in response, the report showed.

A stall is when the air flow over a plane's wing is too weak to generate lift and keep that flying.

The captain dealt with to climb, yet the computer, still erroneously sensing a stall, kelanjutan to press the nose turun using the plane's trim system. Normally, trim adjusts one aircraft's control surfaces come ensure it paris straight and level.

"They didn't seem to recognize the trim was dinamis down," the third source said. "They thought only around airspeed and altitude. The was the only thing they talked about."

Boeing Co decreased to comment on Wednesday due to the fact that the investigation was ongoing.

"Same problem"

The manufacturer has actually said over there is a documented procedure to handle the situation. A different crew top top the same aircraft the evening before encountered the same problem but solved that after berlari through 3 checklists, according to the November report.

But they did not pass on every one of the information about the troubles they encountered to the lanjut crew, the report said.

The pilots of JT610 remained calm for paling of the flight, the three sources said. Near the end, the captain asked the first officer to fly while he checked the manual for a solution.

About one minute sebelum the plane disappeared from radar, the captain asked wait traffic regulate to clear various other traffic below 3,000 feet and asked for an altitude of "five thou", or 5,000 feet, which was approved, the preliminary report said.

As the 31-year-old captain do the efforts in vain to discover the ideal procedure in the handbook, the 41-year-old an initial officer was unable to manage the plane, two of the sources said.

The flight data recorder reflects the final manage column inputs native the first officer were weaker 보다 the ones made earlier by the captain.

"It is prefer a test wherein there room 100 questions and also when the time is up you have actually only membalas 75," the third source said. "So friend panic. That is a time-out condition."

The airplane killed 189 people

The Indian-born captain was silent at the end, all three resources said, while the Indonesian very first officer claimed "Allahu Akbar", or "God is greatest", a common arab phrase in the majority-Muslim negara that deserve to be digunakan to to express excitement, shock, worship or distress.

The plane then hit the water, membunuh all 189 rakyat on board.

French air accident investigation company BEA claimed on Tuesday the flight data recorder in the Ethiopian crash that eliminated 157 orang showed "clear similarities" to the Lion air disaster.

Since the Lion waiting crash, Boeing has actually been pursuing a software application upgrade to change how much authority is provided to the Manoeuvring features Augmentation System, or MCAS, a brand-new anti-stall system emerged for the 737 MAX.

The cause of the Lion wait crash has actually not to be determined, but the preliminary report discussed the Boeing system, a faulty, newly replaced sensor and the airline's maintenance and training.

Similar flight manage problems

On the very same aircraft the evening before the crash, a captain in ~ Lion Air's full-service sisters carrier, Batik Air, to be riding along in the cockpit and also solved the comparable flight regulate problems, 2 of the sources said.

His existence on the flight, first reported by Bloomberg, was no disclosed in the preliminary report.

The report juga did not include data from the cockpit voice recorder, i beg your pardon was no recovered indigenous the laut floor until January.

Soerjanto Tjahjono, head the Indonesian investigation company KNKT, said terakhir week the report mungkin be exit in July or August as authorities test to speed up the inspection in the wake up of the Ethiopian crash.

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On Wednesday, he decreased to talk about the cockpit voice recorder contents, saying they had not been made public.