To permainan fix you chords and also strumming properly so you can sing and bermain along through the song. We’ve consisted of strumming pattern below and the audio bermain both the chords and strumming patterns…

city – C terutama – E minor – A boy 7 – G Major



Fix friend Chords/Lyrics/Verse

C Em Am7 GWhen you shot your best but friend don"t succeed, C Em Am7 GWhen friend get maafkan saya you want, however not apa you need, C Em Am7 GWhen you feeling so tired, but you can"t sleep, C Em Am7 GStuck in reverse.

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Fix friend Chords/Lyrics/Verse 2

C Em Am7 GAnd the tears come streaming turun your face, C Em Am7 GWhen you shed something you can"t replace, C Em Am7 GWhen girlfriend love someone yet it goes come waste, C Em Am7 G Could it it is in worse?

Fix friend Chords/Lyrics/Chorus

F C G Lights will overview you home,F C G And ignite your bones,F C GAnd i will try to fix you,

InstrumentalC Em Am7 G x2

Fix you Chords/Lyrics/Verse 3

C Em Am7 GHigh up over or turun below, C Em Am7 GWhen you"re as well in love come let that go, C Em Am7 GBut if you tidak pernah try you"ll tidak pernah know, C Em Am7 G Just maafkan saya you"re worth.

Fix girlfriend Chords/Lyrics/Chorus

F C G Lights will guide you home,F C G And ignite her bones,F C GAnd i will shot to settle you,

InstrumentalC F C G x2

Fix friend Chord/Lyrics/Bridge

C FTears stream, turun your face,C GWhen you shed something you cannot replace.Am7 F C GTears stream, down your face and also I (hold).C FTears stream, dibawah your face,C GI promise you ns will learn from my mistakes.Am7 F C GTears stream, down your face and also I (hold).

Fix girlfriend Chord/Lyrics/Chorus

F C G Lights will guide you home,F C G And ignite your bones,F C G CAnd i will try to fix you,



Coldplay space a brother rock pita formed in London in 1996. Vocalist and also pianist chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist male Berryman, and drummer will Champion met at university College London and also began playing music bersama from 1996 to 1998, an initial calling us Pectoralz and then Starfish sebelum finally changing anda name to Coldplay. Creative director and former manager Phil harvey is often referred to as the fifth member by the band. ~ changing their name to Coldplay, they recorded and also released 2 EPs: safety and security in 1998 and The Blue Room in 1999. The latter was anda first release on a utama record label, after ~ signing to Parlophone.

Coldplay achieved worldwide fame through the melepaskan of the song "Yellow" in 2000, adhered to in the same tahun by their debut album Parachutes, which was nominated for the Mercury Prize. The band"s 2nd album, A buru-buru of Blood come the Head (2002), to be released to crucial acclaim and won many awards, consisting of NME"s Album of the Year. Their lanjut release, X&Y, the best-selling album an international in 2005, received largely positive reviews, despite some critics felt that was tidak dapat to that predecessor. Anda fourth studio album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His girlfriend (2008), the best-selling album global of 2008, was developed by Brian Eno and also released to mainly positive reviews, earning 3 Grammy Awards.

In October 2011, Coldplay released dari mereka fifth studio album, Mylo Xyloto, i m sorry topped the charts in over 34 countries, was the UK"s best-selling batu album of 2011, and also received moderately optimistic reviews. Anda sixth album, Ghost Stories, released in 2014, received blended reviews and also topped several nationwide album charts. The following tahun the pita released anda seventh album, A Head penuh of Dreams, which reached the peak two in paling major markets, but received usually mixed reviews. Four years later, in November 2019, lock released dari mereka eighth album, day-to-day Life, i beg your pardon received mainly positive reviews.

Coldplay have menang numerous awards throughout anda career, including nine Brit Awards, six MTV video Music Awards, seven MTV europe Music Awards and also seven Grammy Awards native 29 nominations.

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They have actually sold an ext than 100 juta records worldwide, making them among the world"s best-selling music artists. 3 of dari mereka albums—Parachutes, A sumbu pohon of Blood to the Head and also X&Y—are amongst the best-selling albums in UK chart history. In December 2009, Rolling stone readers poll the team the fourth-best artist the the 2000s. Coldplay have actually supported various social and politik causes, sebagai as Oxfam"s Make profession Fair campaign and also Amnesty International. Castle have tambahan performed at charity projects, including pita Aid 20, Live 8, global Citizen Festival, Sound Relief, mengharapkan for haiti Now: A Global benefit for Earthquake Relief, One Love Manchester, The secret Policeman"s Ball, sports Relief and the UK Teenage Cancer Trust.