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Well you excellent done me in; you bet i felt itI tried to be chill however you're so hot that i meltedI dropped right with the cracksNow I'm make the efforts to gain backBefore the cool done operation outI'll be providing it mine bestestNothing's going to protect against me but divine interventionI reckon it's again my turn to success some or learn someBut i won't hesitate no more, no moreIt can not wait, I'm yoursWell open up her mind and also see choose meOpen increase your plans and damn you're freeLook into your heart and you'll findLove, love, love, loveListen come the music of the moment, setiap orang dance and singWe're hanya one huge familyAnd it's our God-forsaken appropriate to beLoved, love, love, love, loved
So i won't hesitate no more, no moreIt cannot wait, I'm sureThere's no must complicateOur time is shortThis is ours fate, I'm yoursDo you want to which scootch on over closer, dearAnd I will nibble your earI've been spending method too lengthy checking my tongue in the mirrorAnd bending end backwards hanya to shot to see it clearerBut my breath fogged up the glassAnd therefore I attracted a brand-new face and I laughedI guess what I be speak is over there ain't no much better reasonTo rid yourself of vanities and hanya go through the seasonsIt's what we aim to doOur name is our virtueBut ns won't hesitation no more, no moreIt can not wait – I'm yours
Well open up up her mind and also see prefer me (I won't hesitate)Open increase your rencana and cursed you're cost-free (No more, no more)Look right into your heart and you'll find (It cannot wait)The skies is yours (I'm sure)So please don't, please don't, please don't (No must complicate)There's no should complicate (Our time is short)'Cause our time is short (This is)This oh, this oh, this is ours fate (our fate)I'm yours

It was written rather quickly, maybe 15 or 20 minutes. I was at house in my composing room, chugging bersama on my electric guitar, minding mine Reggae influences, thankful for lagi sunny afternoon in mountain Diego. The melody just appeared the end of nowhere while the words flew over my head together my thoughts dulu focused on surrendering come the moment. That is ultimately what the track is about – providing yourself or her time to someone or miscellaneous else. I pikiran it to be cool and had a nice bounce, and I began playing it live virtually immediately. The was lima years ago. After ~ it had lived top top the road for a kapan I chose to put it ~ above a document to provide it a home.

When I ultimately recorded it, my fans were relieved that we didn’t overproduce it. We preserved the feel and arrangement true to just how we permainan it live. And what I’ve noticed, the fans reaction in a way that mirrors the track isn’t about me. This is a tune that rakyat sing to every other, or come themselves. It deserve to be a love tune or a personal song of empowerment. That melody is not unlike a nursery rhyme, and also the blog post is like reading luck cookie ~ fortune cookie.


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