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"Bad Liar" is a tune by American rock band Imagine Dragons. The tune was released v Interscope and KIDinaKORNER records on November 6, 2018 together the fourth solitary from milik mereka fourth studio album, origins (2018). That was written by Imagine Dragons, Aja Volkman and Jorgen Odegard, and also produced by Odegard. "Bad Liar" peaked at number 56 ~ above the united state Billboard warm 100. It topped the charts in Czech Republic and Latvia, and also reached the optimal 10 in Belgium, Finland, Slovakia and also Switzerland; and also the height 20 in Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, new Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore and also Sweden. On might 31, 2019 a "stripped" version titled "Bad Liar- Stripped" to be released.more »

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Oh, hush, mine dear, it"s to be a difficult yearAnd terrors don’t food on chaste victimsTrust me, darlin", to trust me darlin"It’s to be a loveless yearI"m a guy of three fearsIntegrity, faith and crocodile tearsTrust me, darlin", to trust me, darlin"So look at me in the eyes, tell me apa you seePerfect paradise, tearin" at the seamsI great I could escape, i don"t wanna fake itWish I could erase it, make her heart believeBut I"m a poor liar, poor liarNow you know, now you knowThat I"m a poor liar, negative liarNow you know, you’re complimentary to goDid every my dreams tidak pernah mean one thing?Does happiness lie in a diamond ring?Oh, i’ve been askin" forOh, i’ve been askin" for problems, problems, problemsI fairy my war, on the dunia insideI bawa pulang my gun to the enemy"s sideOh, I"ve been askin’ for (trust me, darlin")Oh, I"ve to be askin" because that (trust me, darlin") problems, problems, problemsSo watch me in the eyes, phone call me maafkan saya you seePerfect paradise, tearin" in ~ the seamsI great I could escape, i don"t wanna fake itWish I could erase it, make her heart believeBut I"m a bad liar, bad liarNow friend know, now you knowThat I"m a negative liar, bad liarNow friend know, you"re free to goI can"t breathe, ns can"t beI can"t be maafkan saya you desire me to beBelieve me, this one timeBelieve meI"m a poor liar, bad liarNow friend know, currently you knowThat I"m a bad liar, negative liarNow girlfriend know, you"re free to goOhPlease think mePlease think me

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Imagine dragon Imagine dragons is one American alternative rock tape from selebar Vegas, Nevada. The tape gained exposure following the September 2012 melepaskan of dari mereka debut studio album, Night Visions and an initial single "It"s Time". More »

Written by: Aja Volkman, Benjamin Arthur McKee, Daniel Coulter Reynolds, Daniel James Platzman, Daniel Wayne Sermon, Jorgen Michael Odegard