The existing format adopts the high school ide where the seven cast members act together students with distinctive personalities. The actors ranges from a comedian, a retired sportsman to a K-pop star. In each show, 2 guests (or sometimes, a team of guests) sign up with the course as recently transferred students. As is the situation for simple high schools, all students of the class are thought about to it is in of the same period regardless of milik mereka actual age, seniority and whether they have actually known each various other or not, and they continue a mean, provocative however entertaining talk. Milik mereka gig is no confined to maafkan saya is tertulis on the script: anda wonderful immediate jigs and also ad-libbed skits the cross in between realities and imaginations are absolutely hilarious.

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Aliases discovering Bros knowing Brothers Ask united state Anything

세상의 모든 질문을 그들만의 방식으로 풀어주는 '아는 형님'. 인생을 살다 보면 마주치게 되는 사소하지만 궁금해 견딜 수 없는 질문들. 그럴 땐 질문하라! '아는 형님'이 답할 것이다. 나이도, 출신도, 성격도, 외모도 전혀 다르지만, 인생 좀 살아 본! 그래서 인생을 좀 아는 형님들이 모여 그들만의 방식으로 추측하고! 실험하고! 전해주는! '아는 형님'만의 인생 해답!지금부터!! 우리에게 속 시원한 답을 주기 위해 벌이는 형님들의 고군분투가 시작된다!

Aliases Aneun Hyeongnim

Knowing Bros é um present de variedades sul-coreano que apresenta o elenco primary atuando como alunos em um conceito de High college e celebridades coreanas como "Estudante de Transferência".

由韓國的主持人姜鎬童、金希澈、李壽根、金榮澈、徐章焄、李常敏、閔庚勳主持。節目於2015年12月5日正式播放。節目初期以主題不同,以解答人生中雖不是很重大卻會讓人好奇不已的問題為主題>。節目由17集起,以哥哥高校形式邀請嘉賓作為轉校生並分兩部分進行。先為轉校生的猜猜我問題解答,第二部分大多為《三無劇情》、《團結遊戲》、《Songstagram》、《供餐時間》不等。 collection ID 311603 Status continuing Airs Saturday, at 9:00pm Runtimes 100 minutes (290 episodes) Episode Screenshot Format 16:9 Screencap Favorited This series has been favorited by 31 people. Created might 13, 2016 by turned off User 66502 Modified October 30, 2021 through kamito

Kang Ho-dong together Himself


Lee Su-geun together Himself


Kim Hee-chul together Himself


Seo Jang-hoon together Himself


Kim Young-chul together Himself


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