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The 2021/22 premier League season is underway, v 20 teams – consisting of newly-promoted Brentford – vying because that Champions organization spots. Drama, disappointment, capacity crowds – the 30th season that the premier League is produksi for unmissable TV. Make certain you know exactly how to clock a hari pertama League 2021/22 live stream native anywhere.

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US football fans can stream the bulk of premier League games via Peacock TV for hanya $4.99 a month. (Don"t forget come use a VPN if you"re a us citizen stuck away from home). Canadian fans deserve to watch every game live on DAZN v a 30-day totally free trial. Premier League matches in the UK will certainly be split across Sky sports (128 games), BT sports (52 games) and amazon Prime (20 games).

Premier league 2021/22 live stream

Date: 13th Aug 2021 – 22 may 2022

US stream: Peacock TV ($5/month)| Sling TV

Watch anywhere: try ExpressVPN risk-free

UK stream:Now (£10/month)

AUS stream: Optus sports ($15/month)

So, just 82 aku after manchester City dulu crowned champions, the 2021/22Premier organization is back. Together ever, the optimal seventeen groups from the vault season and the three teams advocated from theChampionship will complete for the top english honours.

Fans will certainly be cure to 380 matches. Kick-offs space 3pm BST for Saturdays and also bank holidays. The summer transfer window close the door at 11pm top top 31st August. The hari pertama League 2021/21 concludes top top 22nd might 2022, v all 10 gamings kicking turn off simultaneously.

Pep Guardiola"s reigning champion are hot favourites, having actually secured the talents of mendongkrak Grealish – the hari pertama League"s an initial £100million player – but securing a fourth league title in tahun years won"t be easy.

Jurgen Klopp"s Liverpool have strengthened anda squad, spur are ready to bounce bagian belakang from a uninspiring 2020/21 season and also 13-time premier League Champions manchester United are always hungry for more. Meanwhile, Arsenal will certainly be counting on youngsters prefer Bukayo Saka to lift them right into the Champions organization spots.

This season"s advocated teams areWatford, Norwich City(back after ~ a year"s absence) and also Brentford (back in the huge time after ~ a 74-year absence). Thomas Frank disutradarai the Bees come the top-flight by beating Swansea in the play-offs, with ivan Toney’s 33 league goals proving vital to Brentford"s success.

There are new VAR rules, too. Inadvertently handball will certainly no longer be penalised in the buildup to a goal, offsides will be measured indigenous the bottom that the armpit and also there will certainly be no penalties because that "slight contact" in the box.

Put simply, 2021/22 is walking to it is in an unmissable season of hari pertama League action, and that"s sebelum you also look in ~ the player and manager dramas. Follow our guide to watch a premier League 2021/22 live currently online, top top TV and on your smartphone from wherever you are...

Watch a premier League 2021/22 live stream because that free


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Good news: NBCUniversalhas announced it will certainly be dinamis Premier league coverage previously obtainable on NBC sports Gold’s premier League pass to Peacock Premium this year.

As a result, footie fans deserve to stream all the premier League 2021/22 games available in the claims on Peacock Premium for hanya $5 a month. Score! much better yet, new subscribers get a free 7-day trial.

Of course, Peacock is only available within the us so be certain to use a VPN if you"re stuck abroad.

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us recommend ExpressVPN as it"s reliable and also comes with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Peacock Premium: Get your cost-free 7-day trial nowWatch a organize of live premier League gamings with NBC"s streaming service. Subscription to the ad-supported version is hanya $5 a month thereafter and you can cancel anytime. Score!" data-widget-type="deal" data-render-type="editorial">