Man City vs west Ham went around as expected. Well, apart from the salju storm and the shovels.

Anda sedang menonton: M city vs west ham

The second fifty percent of man City’s 2-1 win over west Ham unified was delay so workers bisa shovel off the pitch, which aku mengambilnya some time, yet simply delayed the inescapable at the Etihad Stadium.

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Ilkay Gundogan had a goal in the 33rd minute and collection up Fernandinho’s 90th-minute insurance money goal as City encountered the conditions and also a resolute barat Ham to sign up with leaders Chelsea on 29 points sebelum Chelsea vs guy United kicks off.

Manuel Lanzini scored an absolutely significant goal for the Irons. Barat Ham will complete the weekend top top 23 points, front of fifth-place Arsenal on score differential.


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Man City vs barat Ham last score, stats

Final score: guy City 2, barat Ham 1

Scorers: Gundogan (33′), Fernandinho (90′), Lanzini (90’+4)

Shots: guy City, 19-5

Shots ~ above target: guy City, 9-3

Possession: guy City, 69%

Three things we learned

1. Need to City be the favorite to victory the premier League? Man City did no have jack Grealish, Kevin De Bruyne, Phil Foden, and Ferran Torres. Forget the millions and millions and also millions spent for a second and those are still some absences to conquer on a snow-covered key coming turn off a europe week v two an ext matches ahead lanjut week (West Ham also played in Europe terakhir week, we need to mention). However City’s pertahanan was imperious and also its midfield barely let go a step. Rodri and Ilkay Gundogan linked attempted 133 passes and also failed to complete… five. Again, in the snow. The an initial half was significantly an ext snowy and City passed at 91 percent as a team. End a full season, it’s complicated to to speak anyone will out-perform City. Still, it’ll come down to the games between City, Chelsea, and Liverpool.

2. Lanzini come the Louvre: We watch games like these for the aesthetics, and we watch this sport for moments prefer Manuel Lanzini’s incredible finish shortly after ~ Fernandinho put the game to bed.

3. Barat Ham’s counterpunch untuk merencanakan comes up short: This isn’t a damning indictment on barat Ham’s effort or David Moyes’ plan, as the Irons had actually this complement 1-0 for paling of the video game but hanya came up short when it involved the essential finishing touch. Male City’s in ~ the optimal of its arranged powers, so the was selalu going to call for a funny, snow-produced bounce or minute of true wonder from the Irons. That didn’t come, and it’s most likely why barat Ham will be looking at height six instead of optimal four even if Michail Antonio keeps delivering the goods. It’s a dead Sebastien Haller didn’t occupational for Moyes and also Co.

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Man the the Match: Ilkay Gundogan

Yes, the goal and also the assist menjadi what journey the win, yet so, too, dulu four key passes, four-of-four on long passes, one almost-perfect 56-of-58 lulus day, two tackles, and also two clearances…. In a mata storm.