25 Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD Semester 2 & menjawab – Pada tingkat sekolah dasar, materi Bahasa Inggris apa diberikan umumnya berupa pengenalan terhadap kosakata baru. Buat kelas 3 SD, materi apa diberikan di semester 2 berupa kosakata (vocabulary), grammar mengenai simple Present it is too dirty dan current Continous Tense, dan also pembuatan kalimat sederhana di dalam Bahasa Inggris. Berikut adalah soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 3 SD semester 2.I. Pick the best answer by crossing (x) the alternative a, b, c, or d.

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This message is for questions numberi 1 come 3.Rexha and also her household are in a restaurant.They want to have lunch.Rexha order a key of chicken soup and also a glass of orange juice.Zion, Rexha’s brother, order a plate of spaghetti and a glass of green tea.1. Rexha and her family members are in a restaurant due to the fact that …a. They desire to have actually a bowl of chicken soupb. They want to have a glass of environment-friendly teac. They want to have lunchd. They want to have a bowl of spaghetti2. Rexha’s brothers orders a glass that …a. Green teab. Milk teac. Orange juiced. Mango juice3. Rexha orders … come eat.a. A plate of chicken soupb. A bowl of chicken soupc. A plate of spaghettid. A bowl of spaghetti
4. A month before August is …a. Aprilb. Septemberc. Juned. July5. Indonesian rakyat celebrate the freedom Day in …a. Augustb. Mayc. Octoberd. June6. 2 months after March is …a. Aprilb. Mayc. Februaryd. January7. Bimo : how old room you?Jane : …a. I am fine, say thanks to youb. Ns am not so goodc. You room welcomed. I am eight year old8. The an initial month in a tahun is …a. Januaryb. Februaryc. Marchd. April9. The terakhir month in a year is …a. Septemberb. Octoberc. Novemberd. DecemberThe text is because that questions numberi 10 come 12.Time TV Programs08.00 News09.00 Cartoon10.00 Drama Series12.00 sports Channel10. Gina : apa time is it?Denny : it is 9 o’clock.Gina : Is it time to clock cartoon?Denny : …a. Yes, is itb. Yes, that isc. No, is the notd. No, that is not11. Dimas : what time is it?Farhan : the is 10 o’clock.Dimas : Is the time come watch sports Channel?Farhan : …a. Yes, it isb. Yes, is itc. No, the is notd. No, is it not12. Cintia : I want to watch Drama Series. At what time is it?Dina : the is at …a. 8 o’clockb. 9 o’clockc. 10 o’clockd. 12 o’clockThe message is because that questions mageri 13 to 16.John and Dhoni walk to the beach on holiday.At beach, they permainan volly ball, swim in the sea, and also build a sand castle.There are many seashells and crabs at the beach.John look at a sea star once he swims in the sea.The sea star is blue. The looks beautiful.13. Once do John and also Dhoni walk to the beach?a. They walk to the coast on weekendb. They walk to the coast on holidayc. They go to the coast on Sundayd. They go to the coast on school day14. Apa do John and Dhoni do at the beach?a. They bermain volley ball, swim, and also build sand castleb. They bermain volley bola and build sand castlec. They permainan volley nol and watch the sea stard. They bermain volley ball, swim, and also see seashells15. Over there are numerous … at the beacha. Crabsb. Seashellsc. Sea bintang and crabsd. Seashells and crabs16. What melakukan John see as soon as he swims in the sea?a. She sees a seashellb. She sees a sea starc. The sees a seashelld. He sees a sea star17. We have breakfast in the …a. Morningb. Afternoonc. Eveningd. Night18. We have lunch in the …a. Morningb. Afternoonc. Eveningd. Night19. Mother cooks food in the …a. Living roomb. Dining roomc. Kitchend. Garage20. My father tree a mango tree in the …a. Gardenb. Life roomc. Bedroomd. KitchenII. Fill in the blanks using the correct form of indigenous in the bracket.21. There room … hari in a week.22. The day after minggu is …23. Two days before Friday …24. Now is Thursday. Tomorrow is …25. Yesterday to be Monday. This particular day is …Kunci Jawaban:I.1. C2. A3. B4. D5. A6. B7. D8. A9. D10. B11. C12. C13. B14. A15. D16. D17. A18. B19. C20. AII.21. Seven22. Monday23. Wednesday24. Friday25. TuesdayDemikianlah soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 3 SD semester 2.

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Harapan soal tersebut dapat bermanfaat dan help adik – adik batin mempelajari Bahasa Inggris. Terima kasih.Baca Juga:Jenis Adaptasi diatas Tumbuhan Dan Penjelasannya Masing-Masing3 types Adaptasi di ~ Hewan Dan Penjelasannya Masing-MasingPenjelasan Siklus lives Hewan (Metamorfosis & tanpa Metamorfosis)