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This post will tolong you remove third-party toolbars prefer Ask, searchqu, MyStart, incredibar, seeearch, somoto, sweetim, uTorrent, and others from Firefox and restore your default house page, new tab halaman and search settings. For help removing the Babylon toolbar, see exactly how to remove the Babylon toolbar, home page and search engine.

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How did this happen?

Toolbars from third-party software service providers can readjust your search, new Tab and home page settings or reason other difficulties with Firefox. This toolbars have the right to get included to Firefox when you visit a website and click on an "Install" link, once you download and also run a toolbar installer, or as soon as you install software application that includes a Firefox toolbar. Be careful when installing or updating various other applications and also make sure you deselect any alternatives for toolbars or other bundled software program that girlfriend don"t want.

How carry out I resolve it?
Note: The refresh Firefox feature can resolve many problems by restoring Firefox come its default state ketika saving your essential information. Consider using it sebelum going v a lengthy troubleshooting process.

Use the Add-ons Manager to remove the toolbar

In paling cases, third-party toolbars have the right to be uninstalled native Firefox Add-ons Manager expansions list, as follows:

Click the menu button , click Add-ons and also Themes Add-ons and also Themes Add-ons and select Extensions. Select the toolbar you great to remove. Click the eliminate button. Click Restart now if it pops up. Her tabs will be saved and restored after the restart.

If friend can"t eliminate the toolbar native the Add-ons Manager, use the "Disable" alternative as a workaround, or view the Cannot eliminate an add-on (extension or theme) short article for various other solutions.

Restore the default home halaman or mencari settings

You might need to reset her Firefox temukan preferences and restore the default brand-new Tab page, home halaman and mencari engine after ~ removing the toolbar. For an ext information, check out the articles adjust your default temukan settings in Firefox, around the new Tab halaman and just how to set the home page.

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