Yo! This Demon Slayer Hinokami Kepputan game hanya might take me off of Naruto Storm 4 for a min. I’m certain CC2 learned a lot from the Storm collection in the evolusi of the video game too.

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I’m sure I’m no the only one all set for this

We’ve produced a hamon-design.com for itu who desire to discuss more about it. Join up. The secara resmi discord and website will be connected to it as well.



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There's lainnya wannabe sub too. I look forward to see which one devours the other.

Idk around all the arguing about who’s much better I hanya know the r/DemonSlayergames below will be very helpful for everyone and also not pushing selfish agendas. Look we really want to tolong everyone have a non toxic community when this video game comes out and also look how your talk at the moment. Who ever before is running the r/HinokamiKeppuutann sub requirements to action up and relax due to the fact that you males are menampilkan the complete opposite of what the new community needs.

Ngl I completely expect the Storm masyarakat to walk a hostle take over of the Demon Slayer(VG) community because CC2 is untuk membuat the game and I’ve heard that plays.. Just. Like. STORM.

I agree v Senju. The orang who need to be untuk berlari the Demon slayer below hamon-design.com should be the ones actually doing things to help grow the masyarakat and help them through not only getting news on the game however helping them be in a comfortable room when it comes to the demon slayer community and tbh the way the r/HinokamiKeppuutann below is exhilaration rn ns wouldn’t want to to trust them leading the new community.

Unfortunately when setiap orang want a game details subhamon-design.com, they’ll probably go directly to milik mereka sub.. The exact same way setiap orang come come this sub particularly for all points Storm and not hanya ‘Naruto games’.

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It seems Demon Slayer will certainly be primed to not permit toxic gameplay, yet only time will tell.

I was liking how senju and the r/demonslayergames sughamon-design.com is dealing with the situation and also that appears to be favor thats whereby i will certainly go

Ouch. You sound ache bro. Lol. I'm sure there will be plenty of others for especially that, but this subhamon-design.com will certainly be a main hub for more than just Hinokami Keppuutan, hence why it's dubbed DemonSlayerGames. It's absolutely going to it is in bigger, too. It currently has a discord attached to it through the largest community for the game right now. I'm not about to sign up with a community with the game's very own name misspelled in the title. That's dead

This sughamon-design.com is devoted to whatever that's a Naruto game (mostly us are concentrating on the Storm Series, however that's obvious). The is a ar for Naruto pan to communicate, get tips and basically make friends v others that love the Naruto series.**Please make certain to check out the rules sebelum posting.**