BKM film"s brand-new series, sol Yanım (My Left Side), will certainly be top top Star TV displays in September. Özge Yağız and also Ilhan Şen will also be in the cast of the tv series, which proceeds to it is in cast.

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The screenplay that The collection will be tertulis by the renowned screenwriter Melis Civelek, while Serdar Gözelekli will certainly be the director of the series. The series has a really effective script, therefore it"s amongst the information that many actors desire to it is in in the series.
The cast and other details of the collection Sol Yanim, i beg your pardon will begin on Star TV screens really soon, began to it is in revealed. Özge Yağız is interviewed because that the lead function of the collection prepared by BKM. The series, tertulis by Melis Civelek, is command by Serdar Gözelekli. Let"s note that the cast for the collection will be accessible in the new season kapan the actors is underway.
The collection will phone call you exactly how the secrets of the Kutlusoy family, a prize of a glorious and senang life, space knotted together, and the tricks of mother and also her daughter trying come get used to dari mereka new life in a neighborhood after living every the glory of wealth.
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Serra (Özge Yağız), that learned to was standing on her own two kaki at a young age and took care of her mother, and also Selim, the heir come the rich Kutlusay family. In exchange because that Serra and also her mother"s modest ar life, Kutlusay Manor and also the family"s glamorous luxury life will be at the heart of the story. Serra, a really successful student, studied on a scholarship, Selim lanjutan almost out of obligation, and also their utara University will existing fun and immersive stories about university life. The striking formats of the young players of the formation will mulailah a new trend among young people.
She to be born in Istanbul ~ above April 10, 1997. He menyelesaikan his pendidikan life in ~ Başkent University. She first began her acting career in Adini Sen Koy. She later on made her name in millions with Yemin (The Promise) series and ini adalah on that the paling popular names. In particular, he was engraved in memory v the duty of Reyhan. This season, however, it was announced that he would certainly leave the collection and take part in a berbeda project.
Özge Yağız, that left Yemin (The Promise) series, is well-known to desire to show up in element time together the command role; Özge Yağız, who melakukan not accept the sell from many collection because she does not like her role, is komandan to accept the market of mrs lead role in the left-wing series from BKM Film. Özge Yağız was born ~ above April 10, 1997 and is 23 year of age. Özge Yağız Yemin, who ambil acting courses at the Capital academy of interaction Sciences and also No10 Studio, has even menjadi famous.
Tolga Mendi was born in İzmir in 1993. The handsome actor, who is 186 centimeters tall, graduated from Çukurova college faculty the engineering and also architecture. That made his exhilaration acting experience in 2015 v the tv collection Acı Aşk (Bitter Love).
Last season, Ilhan Sen functioned with BKM Film and also left Ramo series because the script finished Ilhan Şen was formerly loved for the personality mete he provided life in the collection Of Şahin Tepesi. Ilhan Sen, who was eye-catching v his effective acting in all the collection he ambil part in, juga appeared together Ferman Façalı and also proved his kesuksesan in different tipe of projects. Born in Bulgaria in 1987, Ilhan Şen is among the registered handsome.
Cansel Elçin, who appeared as Adnan in Aglama anne series, to be born ~ above September 20, 1973 in izmir and is end 47 year of age. Cansel Elchin, the lover of actress Zeynep Tugçe Bayat, invested his youth in France and also studied theatre in France. Canel Elchin, who met Ferzan Özpetek in a play, received his very first series sell from him and received great acclaim for his handsomeness and acting capability in every task he telah mengambil part in in Turkey.
Esra Bezen Bilgin, a renowned actress who has not appeared in the series for a lengthy time, was an extremely popular v the personality of Sukran, which she provided life in Bizim Hikaye (Our Family) series. Esra Bezen Bilgin, daughter of understand actress Metin Bilgin, was born in Ankara in 1973 and also is 47 years old. She graduated from Ankara State Conservatory teater Department.
Deniz Barut to be born on in march 19, 1983 in Denizli province. Deniz Barut, who terakhir appeared in the series Avlau (Courtyard) and gave life to the character Melis, an initial entered the collection lost in 2006 with the collection Kaybolan Yillar. Deniz Barut joined the cast of the series Sol Yanim.
Born on march 19, 1983 in Denizli, she is 37 years old. Deniz Barut, who stands the end for his effective acting performance, is a graduate of Ege University sporting activities Academy. Deniz Barut, who registered his beauty v his degree, obtained his acting pendidikan in The exhilaration Workshop of Shahika Tekand.
Emre Bey, one of the gibbs of Craft acting Workshop, signed with Bkm Film for Sol Yanim series. Emre Bey, whose surname is ideal known for his portrayal the Kivanç Tatlitug in the collection Adi Efsane, had actually previously appeared as Aski Zamani. Born on may 9, 1997 in Istanbul, the handsome actor showed up as Arda in the 2019 series Elimi Birakma. Emre Bey, who is 1.78. Meter tall and also weighs 70 kilos, will show up with a negative character in solar Yanim series.
The series, which will be transfer on Star TV screens, will certainly be shot in Istanbul. The series, which has actually not however been announced when it will certainly begin, will certainly be in front of the audience in the brand-new season.

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The series Of mine Left Side will certainly air ~ above Star Tv. Serdar Gözelekli left side series in the director"s chair
Preparations for the collection are continuing, but preparations room new. The series will have player agreements. Apart from Özge Yağız, masculine lead and also other co-stars are booked to be menyelesaikan in the summer and also filming is scheduled to start in August. There will certainly be a khususnya selection for the command actors. Sets of attractions will be set up. Sol Yanım (My Left Side)series will certainly be transfer on the Star Tv in November.
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