After your vaccine shot, you might experience headaches or some muscle aches and pain. This typically occurs ~ above the an initial day and typically goes far within two days. To tolong ease her pain, acquisition paracetamol ache relievers seperti as deserve to help.1

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Post Vaccination care & Tips

Vaccination can cause mild side results or reactions. These reactions generally occur in ~ a day or two post-vaccination and also persist native one to a few days.

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The table below from dunia Health Organisation3 (WHO) lists some common side impacts and sepuluh on exactly how to control them.

Side Effects How come Manage

Pain, Redness, swelling at the injection site

• cold cloth at injection site

• take Paracetamol*

Fever (>38°C)

• intake extra dental fluids

• undertake cool clothing

• Lukewarm sponge or bath

• bawa pulang Paracetamol*

Headache, Muscle & share Pains

• offer extra dental fluids

• take Paracetamol*

Irritability, Discomfort, Diarrhea

• take Give extra oral fluids

*Paracetamol dose (500mg tablet): 1-2 tablets every 4 come 6 hours as required. Carry out not exceed 8 tablets in 24 hours.

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How carry out Vaccines work?

Vaccine imitate germs. By doing this, your body is trained to recognize and also fight versus the real germs if and also when you space exposed come them. When the vaccine enters your body, that triggers your immune system come respond and also thus build immunity versus the disease in the process. Occasionally, you will certainly require much more than one sheep of the vaccine over a titik of time as more than one ‘training session’ is required for the imun system come learn just how to efficiently fight the disease. That is vital to gain vaccinated together per the encourage timings come ensure that you room protected.2

Is It sekutunya To experience Side-effects indigenous A Vaccine?

Similar to any medication, every vaccines have the right to have next effects. Mild side effects, such as low-grade fever or pain and redness at the website of injection room expected. Significant side results are rarely in cases. That is still much safer to get vaccinated than risk acquiring the infections or complications that result from avoidable diseases.2

Based on the best global scientific evidences available, vaccines room assessed by the pertinent authorities to ensure they meet the required standards that quality, safety and also efficacy before they room approved for use. Vaccines digunakan in Indonesia space registered v BPOM RI / National company of Drug and also Food manage (NADFC). Safety of consumption or security concerns about these vaccines space still closely monitored also after being approved.