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The movie is a retelling of the Drum island arc with brand-new music and animation. Vivi has been eliminated from the konspirasi while both nico Robin and also Franky, who joined the crew after ~ the Drum island arc, have been added. The movie tambahan has the Straw Hat's brand-new ship, the thousand Sunny. It has actually been proclaimed that Oda will be creating a brand-new character for this movie, Wapol's larger brother, Mushul, who tambahan appears to be a devil Fruit user. (Source: Wikipedia)

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After see the preview because that this movie, ns was passionate to clock it! The an introduction says that all, the movie is basically a re-make of the show's "Drum island arc" (episodes 78 - 91) wherein Chopper joins the Straw hat Pirates. In the original arc, we have actually only 5 the the main personalities (Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji and Usopp), and also in this movie the creators advertised the kebenaran that Franky and also Robin would certainly be in it, which paling people will know that lock don't sign up with the Straw Hats until lot later. I thought that would very interesting to see how the transforms would be now that itu two menjadi included!So that course ns did clock the movie...and for all that excitement, the movie was not maafkan saya I was expecting in ~ all. Franky and also Robin dulu indeed in the movie...but really didn't do lot at all, in fact they space not also 'Main' personalities in the movie. The felt together though castle didn't exist at all throughout the whole thing. If you have watched One Piece, kemudian there yes, really isn't lot to check out here. To be brief, it's episodes 78 - 91 just crammed into 2 hours with Franky and also Robin berdiri in the background. That doesn't average it was poor at all. In fact, i did enjoy watching it, yet there really wasn't something new. Other than for the very end.So, execute you every remember that 'evil guy' named Wapol from the anime? Well, turns out he has a brother called Mushul, who does have a function in this movie. And also that's where the difference happens.Rather than hanya fight Wapol, Luffy has to defeat Mushul. Which is actually a quite epic hit (even though it's not very long). The art was decent enough. It reminded me that the 6th One piece movie (Baron Omatsuri and the secret Island). It doesn't have every one of the "cell shading" (general anime shading) that us are digunakan to, and also the movements seem a bit less smooth than maafkan saya is common. However as hanya about anyone knows, One item has unique art, and also that never has stand in the way of a good story! But sejak this movie wasn't completely up to my expectations, I'm going come say that it deserves one 8. I execute love Chopper's cerita and even if I have seen episodes 78 - 91, ns still favored watching it when more. Girlfriend don't need to have seen all of One item to understand maafkan saya is happening, it's a good movie that i think anyone mungkin enjoy!