It’s no your traditional fourth-generation aircraft.

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The F-16 Block 72 incorporates the latest advancements in modern technology and combat ability – countless of which could be taken into consideration fifth generation. Here are three factors why the powerful F-16 Block 72 deserve to serve together a bridge between Indonesia’s current armada of F-16s and also fifth-generation aircraft choose the F-35.

1. It mungkin be taken into consideration a 4-and-a-half generation fighter.

Lockheed young name is the only agency in the dunia that has actually two operational fifth-generation fighters, the F-22 and F-35. That means Lockheed Martin deserve to leverage the fifth-generation modern technologies of this platforms and also integrate them kembali into the F-16 Block 72 because that Indonesia – and vice versa.

For example, Northrop Grumman’s advanced APG-83 progressed Electronically Scanned variety (AESA) radar provides 5th generation ability by leveraging hardware and software commonality v the F-22 and also F-35 AESA radars. APG-83 shares 95% software program commonality and 70% hardware commonality through the F-35 radar.

Overall, Lockheed Martin offers a proven and substantial high-value mengalihkan of advanced aerospace an innovation and a transition plan from 4th to fifth generation.

2. Common infrastructure and supply chain.

With 34 F-16s already, the Indonesian Air kekuasaan has existing F-16 assistance equipment, spares, and also trained pilots and maintenance personnel in place. Recently upgraded IDAF F-16A Block 15 aircraft lugged mid-life structure enhancements and also upgraded avionics to the fleet, and also now these jet would enhance Block 72 F-16s.

With this F-16 experience and also infrastructure already in place, the F-16 Block 72 would allow for a more smooth, efficient change and cost-effective operations because early investments are complete. Additionally, with more than 3,000 F-16s in procedure today by 25 countries, F-16 users an international can posting ulang information as well as sustainment projects and costs linked with keeping the F-16 – many of i m sorry are typical with fifth-generation users. In fact, about fifty percent of the F-16 it is provided chain is in common with the F-22 and also F-35.

3. Bangunan partnerships.

Many global F-35 users juga operated the F-16 – either in the previous or repeatedly today. Paling upgraded their existing F-16 fleets come the latest configuration together an initial course in the change to fifth-generation fighter technologies.

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Today, the F-16 proceeds to serve as the workhouse that the NATO air fleet and allied defense missions around the world. By selecting the F-16 Block 72, Indonesia would sign up with a network of countries operating earlier-model F-16s, brand-new F-16s and F-35s. While any discussions ~ above fifth-generation plane for Indonesia will start with the U.S. Government, the F-16 Block 72 supplies the Indonesian Air memaksa a route to fifth-generation capabilities in the future.